SupaNova!!!!!! And Arty Bees in Wellington, New Zealand

So this will be a very quick update as I’m sitting in LAX waiting for the boarding announcement for my plane.

I am doing SupaNova in Australia this year. Not just Sydney this weekend and Perth the next weekend. In November I will return to do both Adelaide and Brisbane. (By November, the new book, Fool’s Assassin, will be out. So SupaNova very kindly invited me to return for that!)

Very cool news. Guess who else is doing SupaNova? Stan Lee! I hope I will get the chance to stammer and try to express my admiration. Here is the complete Guest List. It’s impressive!

And I’ve scheduled an ‘after Supanova’ jaunt for myself to New Zealand. I will finally get a chance to meet John Howe. He did the first covers for the Robin Hobb books in the UK, and also for Soldier Son. We’ve corresponded but I’ve never had the chance to meet him in person.

And then, I will be making a special stop at Arty Bees Books on Thursday, June 26th at5:30 PM to do a signing there. I’m very pleased to do it as they were so helpful during my Birthday Game!

So that’s it, and I’d best put away the laptop and get ready to board soon!

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