In Perth, Australia

And getting ready for SupaNova tomorrow! And yes I’m excited for it!

I know I’m a bit behind in keeping this website up to date, but I’ll blame that on not much time to sit down at the laptop.

I have been doing updates on the Robin Hobb Facebook, and even on the twitter @robinhobb for day to day short news. When I get home, I hope I’ll be able to put up more of the cosplay and SupaNova photos.

I’m hobnobbing (HA!) with some amazing people this weekend as we ride to and fro on the bus. John Barrowman (Captain Jack from Torchwood!) and John Heder (Napoleon Dynamite and Blades of Glory) Katie Cassidy from Arrow. And that’s just the a few of the famous folk you can see at SupaNova. I think we have almost the entire cast from Star Trek Continues.

And then there are the graphic novel people! Alan Davis and Paul Ryan for example.

And, well, too many others to name. Check out the guest list at It’s a cross section of popular culture, featuring talented people from all across the arts spectrum.

So I consider myself very fortunate! And I’ll try to post more photos when I get home.

4 Responses to In Perth, Australia

  1. Just finished reading Assassin’s Quest and I was overwhelmed! Thanks for writing Fitz’s story! I look forward to reading more and learning more about your world!

  2. I did try to get over to your section at Sydney Supanova but was volunteering in the Superstar Guest signing area & was trying to fit so much into any break I had that I missed out on a lot. I’m glad you’re having a good time on your Supanova trip & hope to see you here next year.

  3. Welcome to WA! I hope you will find time to visit Margaret River for a couple of days of wine-tasting and forest walks. I work at the public library there, where your books are super-popular and regularly re-purchased as they inevitably fall apart from all the loving handling they get from our patrons. Just love your work!!!  🙂

  4. Hi Robin,
    Thanks so much for coming to Perth. It was great to meet you and hear you speak in the panels. I can’t wait for the new Fitz book – I may have to go back and re-read the whole series while I’m waiting. 🙂