The Liveships Venture Out with Fresh Sails

And here they are!




These are the new covers for the US paperback editions of The Liveship Traders Trilogy!

Please bear in mind that they will gradually move into the shops as existing stock is sold out. So they may not be immediately available. If you passionately loved the old covers (and I do think they were also wonderful) this may be your last chance to complete your set with matching covers. Or, if you need to replace the dog-eared, tattered covers that you’ve lent out over and over to your friends, here is a wonderful excuse to do so!

But what if you are a lover of e-books? We have not forgotten you. Here is the lovely new cover for our new US e-book bundle of the Liveship Traders Trilogy.

Liveships trilogy e-book bundle

The Liveship Traders Trilogy occurs after the events in The Farseer Trilogy. The events in this tale take place south of the Six Duchies, in the fabled city of Bingtown, where it is said “If a man can imagine a thing, he can buy it in Bingtown.” Here the fabulous and magical trade goods from the mysterious Rain Wilds are bought and sold. And here, too, slaves are being bought and sold despite Bingtown’s long tradition against such a trade. In the midst of this, the Vestrit family, once wealthy merchants now fallen on hard times, must deal with the death of their patriarch even as their family ship finally awakens to sentience.

The cover art here is created by Didier Graffet. I was delighted when I first saw his images of the Farseers on the various covers he did for the Soleil graphic novels of The Farseer Trilogy. So I am delighted to now have his work on the US paperback covers. To see more of his work in general, visit his website or for a more specific Farseer glimpse, try this link.

While only a few characters from The Farseer Trilogy appear in The Liveship Traders trilogy, this part of the story contains key events that definitely shape all the befall Fitz and the Fool when they return to the center of the stage in The Tawny Man Trilogy.

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