Ship of Magic as an audio book: sample here!

Ship of Magic, the first volume of The Liveship Traders, is now available as an audio book.

Many thanks to all of the readers who have requested this. Anne Flosnik is the narrator.

Other Hobb audio books are available on the same page.


One Response to Ship of Magic as an audio book: sample here!

  1. This is new?  I listened to the audiobooks for the Liveships Traders some time ago (in the US).  They are wonderful!  

    But I have a question about Tawny Man.  I noticed on Amazon that audio CDs are being released for the series in the US in July by Brilliance Audio, but no word if they will be available on Audible for download.  Do you have any information about them?  The narrator is new too – not the same as the person who narrated the UK version, nor the same as the narrator of Farseer.  Thanks!