UPDATE on THE BIRTHDAY GAME, or, While I Was Sleeping!

Okay, Almost awake! And here, from Robin, is the list of found prizes!   Scroll down to my Birthday post about the game to read the clues and find the prizes that are still out there!
#1, hidden by John Howe in NZ, has been found. At the WETA works.
#2 is still in play!
#3 hidden by Terie Garrison in Purl City Yarns was found.
#4 hidden by Laura Lam in a flower pot in Victoria park. Found
#5 hidden by Myke Cole, in Kensington Stables, Brooklyn. Found
#6 hidden by James Bacon at Word on the Water. Found
#7 still in play
#8 hidden by me, on Duane Wilkins, U Book Store. FOUND
#9 Possibly found– awaiting confirmation Italy
#10hidden by Arnaud Mousnier Lompre Sauramps Library FOUND
#11Hidden by Joe Nutter at Traditions in Oly, WA Found
#12 Still in play Wake up Minneapolis!
#13Hidden by Crooty at place de la Riponne FOUND
#14 Still in play
#15 (Alaska) Still in play (sorry about double numbering)
#15 Hidden by Karen at Blue Moon Coffee Café FOUND
#16 Hidden by Elquesogrande at Big Truck Taco Shop FOUND
#17 Still in Play
#18 Hidden by Jack Oakman. Found in marina on docks
#19 hidden by Peter Orullian Found in Seattle University Books
#20Hidden by Mervi in Tampere Found
#21 Still in Play
#22 Hidden by Wes Chu. at Next Door Café FOUND
#22 Still in play                                                   in Olympia WA (double number again! darn!)
#23 Hidden by Jackie Morris, Torquay Museum FOUND
#24 hidden by Sean in Culpeppers Books, Tacoma FOUND
#25 hidden by Tails and Whiskers FOUND
#26 hidden by Amber in The Root Cellar FOUND
#27 Still in play
#28 Yannick’s gift to us all! Found in Trollune book store!

WHEW! So that is my most recent information! At the end of the week, I’ll try to do a big posting of all the great photos!  This has been fun!

2 Responses to UPDATE on THE BIRTHDAY GAME, or, While I Was Sleeping!

  1. Um, well, earlier I moved Lausanne from Switzerland to France. I did put it back, however.

    I blush! I met Tedrick in Minneapolis, Minnesota. So in my mind, he is always there. How silly!