Two More Found

Well, #7 in Port Townsend has been found! At Elevated Ice Cream! This was hidden by the delightful Elizabeth Ann Scarborough and found by Diane!

And Sam Sykes had hidden his book at Poisoned Pen in Scottsdale Arizona. Congratulations Michael!

And I had word that a hearty soul is on the way to the #2 site in New Zealand! Good luck!

Still up for grabs:

#2 in New Zealand
#12 in Grand Rapids, Michigan
#27 in Brooklyn

Do we need extra clues for any of these?


11 Responses to Two More Found

  1. So am i right in assuming that number 21 in Australia has been found? I believe i know where it is but because of work commitments cannot make the 3hr drive to find it until Sunday

  2. Heading for #12 after work tomorrow.  I’m off at 3:30, 2 hour drive and hopefully a present when I arrive.

  3. Is the one from the Netherlands already found? Just saw it this morning when I got up that it isn’t hidden to far from my home. But I have to go to Brussels for work, So unfortunately I can’t get there before noon.

  4. well, Good to know. Let’s just attack those meetings, look back here if it is already found and then drive (safely) to the Netherlands in the afternoon when it’s not yet found.

  5. #2 at Lake Ohau has been found by two lovely ladies who drove over from Christchurch to find the prize!

  6. Tim, if you can get there before noon at least you’ll be there before me (I could possibly go saturday), so good luck!
    (And I already have the best ever signed book, so it seems fair!)

  7. And we are off. Hopefully the gift is were I think it is and still there when I arrive…

    a 2 hour drive with no communication so wish me luck!

  8. #2 found. Will send pics tomorrow since it is now 3 am, I have been driving for 9 hrs and have work in 7 hrs.
    Thank you so much. Totally worth the trip.