Some more FOUNDS! And a late entry for the NETHERLANDS

So.  #14  was found by Carol, in University Book Store, Tacoma  Thank you Kaylene for being a hider!

#15 was found by Cassie, in McCafferty’s Coffee, Fairbanks.  Hidden by my very own niece, Monica!

#22 was found in Barnes and Noble, on Black Lake Boulevard, Olympia WA by Erik. Thanks for hiding it, Rhonda!


And now for the Big News for the NETHERLANDS!

We have a volunteer hider, an old friend of mine, who is sacrificing a signed book I sent to him. So be sure to be profuse in your thanks when you find it. Despite having met him several times, I still think of him as SilicontoGold despite knowing his real name! So let it be!

# 27 Tilburg, The Netherlands, hidden by Guido

Go to a place where knowledge is shared
There one form of art is hidden in another
Where blue meets red
Enough said

Ga naar een plaats waar kennis wordt gedeeld
Daar is de ene kunstvorm verborgen in een andere
Waar blauw en rood elkaar ontmoeten
Is waar je moet zoeken


Good Luck!  As the Birthday Game almost winds down, we are a bit tired but very happy!  I hope you have enjoyed it!

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