And the Birthday Game winds to a close today!

This will be a quick post to let people know what has been found.
For now:
#2 at Ohau, New Zealand, has been claimed by two lovely ladies who made a long drive to get it. And stopped to have tea with my sister before venturing out with electric torches (flashlights for you Yanks) to find the book perched in a tree.

The prize in Tilburg, The Netherlands, has been discovered. And many thanks to my friend Guido for jumping in and providing a treasure for the Netherlands. I did try to find some Dutch hiders, but many of my friends are very busy people and could not say yes. I should have asked Guido in the first place! Thank you, my friend! I love my Dutch readers!

The prize hidden by Molly in Brooklyn has also been discovered perched on a shelf in a little bookstore called WORD
Thank you Word for letting Molly hide a book with you! And thank you Molly for doing this in the crazy atmosphere of heading out on your honeymoon! That is above and beyond friendship.

No word yet on the #12 hidden in Grand Rapids, Michigan! I think that is our sole prize that is still in play!
If it’s not found by tonight, I will ask Tedrick for one more clue!

Many thanks to all! Great Birthday! Happy hobbits here!


6 Responses to FOUND! FOUND!

  1. Just when I think I’ve figured out where the gift in Tilburg is, and convinced my uncle to look for it (because he lives there and I live a 2,5 hour train ride away), I see that is has already been found 🙁 Can somebody let me know where it was? Just so i know whether I was right? Also, my uncle is really curious;)

  2. #12 was already found. I was told it was found on Tuesday.  I still checked the benches and sure enough nothing was under them.  Thanks for the fun hunting!