#12 found????!!!!!

Well, when I wrapped up the book gifts and put the ‘to the Finder’ notes in, this is what I wrote:

Dear Finder,

Hurray! You have found a birthday present from Robin Hobb. I hope you will enjoy it!

If you found it by following the clues, wonderful! If you found it by accident, that’s wonderful, too. It’s still for you.

We would be very happy if you posted or put up a photo of your find at www.robinhobb.com or at https://www.facebook.com/robin.hobb to share the fun with everyone. If you twitter, I am at @RobinHobb. Or drop in at my Tumblr (RealRobinHobb) to let us know. This book is yours now. You may keep it, give it to a friend, donate it to a library, eBay it . . . whatever you like.

Thanks so much for playing our little game! We hope you have enjoyed it!

Robin Hobb Robinhobb@robinhobb.com

Because, you know, I had the feeling that someone would be that lucky! And sure enough, I am now hearing reports from other hunters that yes, it was found! On TUESDAY! Before we even announced the Game.

How do I feel? I’m laughing! It’s perfect, isn’t it!

And so while I still hope that the finder will be inspired to send me an email, it probably won’t happen! And I love that the game ends on a note of mystery!!!

Happy Hobbit Birthday to me! The Game is over . . . . for this year!


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