Spoiler Space!!!!!

I’d like to make a request, please. If you leave a comment or message here, please add spoiler space if you are writing about something in the plot of a book.

Several times in the past, I’ve gone into people’s comments and added spoiler space, but I’m not really comfortable doing that. And for a time I emailed people, asking them to put up their post again, with no spoilers or with spoiler space added.

So now I’m going to ask here, in the blog, and see if that helps.

Here is how you do spoiler space:



WARNING SPOILER Stop reading if you haven’t finished the story.

SPOILER (See how this adds enough space to keep the casual glance from straying down this far?)

Final warning!

I hated when Goldilocks broke the little bear’s chair. And then she still just took a nap in his bed without trying to fix it or anything. What was wrong with her?

Okay, so that is how Spoiler Space is done! Thanks for your help with this!

2 Responses to Spoiler Space!!!!!

  1. Dear Robin I was introduced to your wonderful books by a friend and couldn’t put them down. My favourite books are the Live Ship Traders especially The Mad Ship my mind has been running wild with everything being so believable with such wonderful characters, especially Kennet, I wonder who would play such a charismatic bad guy on the big screen, it would certainly make a blockbuster. But my absolute favourite has been The Rain Wild books, such wonderful dragons, I can’t imagine how Tintaglia could be portrayed with today’s graphics she would be magnificent I’m sure. I’m hoping these books would be made into a wonderful series I’m sure they would knock the crown off Game of thrones,as your books are much more exciting and believable(yes I know dragons aren’t real) so sad when they ended . I love all your other books including Tawny man etc the list is endless, thanks for such wonderful fantasy., much better than the trials of real life. Can’t wait to get stuck into more of the same. 

  2. Thanks so much. Kennit is one of my favorites. I started out trying to write a totally evil character. Unfortunately, when you do first person, you really have to find out who the character is and why he behaves as he does. So Kennit became far more real to me than I had expected him to be, and by the end of the books I felt I understood him almost more than was comfortable. So thanks so much for sharing your fondness for him.