AMA means Ask Me Anything!!!!

If you’ve spent time on Reddit, you know what this means!

And if you haven’t, well I hope you’ll join me there on January 22, Wednesday, at 5 PM Pacific time.
I’ll be on Reddit books rather than on Reddit Fantasy (that’s where I was last time!)

Here’s the link to Reddit Books:

And if you haven’t previously visited Reddit Fantasy, you should check them out as well:

Reddit is a wonderful place to connect with people who have similar interests. You can find a topic of interest, post some responses to interesting comments, and then come back later to see how other people have responded.

For the reddit AMA, I will actually be at my desking, answering the questions as they come in. So it’s a bit more spontaneous, and if my answer triggers another question, I’ll try to respond to it as well.

So, visit reddit now. And then come join us on Wednesday January 22 at 5 PM Pacific Time.

One Response to AMA means Ask Me Anything!!!!

  1. I have been kept sane by your books for over a year now since my injury at work-and i am trying to figure out-is Amber and the Fool one in the same person? I am reading Golden Fool right now.