I just composed a lovely, witty post about my visit to Sweden.  This isn’t it.  The ether devoured it as soon as I hit ‘publish!’

So instead of clever writing, I’m afraid you will get brevity and conciseness.  Hm.  That’s in small supply on the Internet, so perhaps we will all enjoy it.

First, Stockholm:  Amazing and just as lovely as I recall it from a previous visit years ago.

Event tonight:

2 PM  Interview for pod cast and you tube.  Pity me!

3-5:30  Science Fiction Bokhandel in Gamla Stan, for a reading, question and answer, and a signing.

There is an event later at the English Bookstore that we mentioned earlier on social media.  Sad to say, this is a closed event with no tickets or seats available, so I will leave it at that.


HOWEVER, I left lots of signed stock at the Uppsala English Bookstore, and hope to do the same at Science Fiction Bokhandel. So if we miss each other today, you can still find a signed book there.  And I will be back in England in August of 2014 for Worldcon, also known as Loncon.  There will be a host of amazing writers, illustrators and other SF people there, so make your plans now!

And now let’s see if this will post for me!

3 Responses to Stockholm

  1. Thank you for signing my copies of two of your books yesterday at Science Fiction Bokhandeln. You are my favourite author and I am so glad you are writing about Fitz and the Fool once more. I miss them. Terribly.

  2. It was lovely having you here in Science Fiction Bokhandeln, and me and my collegues, Amanda and Jenny in particular, could not be happier. We hope we will see you again in the future.