And on we go!

World Fantasy Convention in Brighton was amazing.  Such a wonderful location for a gathering.  The heavy winds lashed up the waves for us and I absolutely loved it. It was not that cold, just very windy with strongly gusting winds.

Inside, all was cozy and nice.  Lots of panels to attend, some wonderful late night shows, the dealer room, the art show . . .  the agony was that I could not possibly do all of it. I greeted lots of friends, old and new and constantly wished for more hours in the day.

If you are a SF/fantasy fan and would like to sample what a convention is like, it’s fairly easy to Google one close to where you live.  My recommendation would be to start with a smaller convention; the larger ones can be overwhelming if you have not learned the usual rhythm and routine of one.  Usually you can buy memberships on line before you go, and then pick up your badges at registration. With the smaller conventions, often you can arrive on Saturday morning, buy a membership and explore a convention for one day to see if you would enjoy a longer experience.

Most conventions feature panels with experts speaking and audience participation.  There will be a dealers room, with books and jewelry and costumes and other fannish items.  Some conventions have art shows, some have evening dances or costume contests or music events.  If you have an enthusiasm for Steam Punk, or hard SF or fantasy movies or costuming, I am certain you can find a convention that focuses on these or any other specific fannish interest.  I’ve been going to conventions for over 30 years now and recommend the wonderful interaction between readers.

Tonight I’m back in London.  Tomorrow I’m off to Bristol and then Oxford.  And the next day will see me setting out for Sweden!

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