Airplane Reads

Back at home and back to work!

It looks as if we had a bit of a windstorm here.  Yesterday I cleared a lot of leaves and branches from the yard.  More leaves to come, of course, and many needles, but that is the price of having two big trees in my yard.  I would never wish to part with either one.

Many thanks to all the readers who made my book tour so memorable, both in the UK and Sweden.  I had a wonderful time.  Ended my journey on a note of high anxiety, however, as I raced through the airport and was the last person to board for the flight home. I could blame BA for the change in gates and the announcement that I apparently did not hear.  That is the hazard of opening a new Joe Abercrombie book in the airport.  I finished reading Half a King in record time and recommend it without reservation.  You’ll have to jot that title down somewhere or remember it, as it isn’t in the shops yet.  I was lucky enough to get an ARC (Advance Reading Copy.)  Of course, if you haven’t read Joe Abercrombie before, you don’t have to wait.  He has plenty of books out there.  Heroes is one of my special favorites.

My other plane reads were just as enthralling but in radically different genres. The Lavender Keeper was written by my great friend Fiona McIntosh. It could be described as a historical romance, but to me it is a lot more than that. The questions of loyalty that the story raises are fascinating. Again, I recommend this one highly.

And my third book for the journey was The Wisdom of Hair by Kim Boykin. I met Kim earlier this year at a book festival in North Carolina. Again, I think it would be a mistake to label this book as either ‘romance’ or ‘coming of age’ because I think it has a tale for a much wider readership. It’s a tale of the sort of friendships that women form, and hospitality, and the choices we face in deciding who we are. Again, a book I recommend.

And that, of course, is one of the best things about long flights. Hm. Almost the only good thing about long airport waits and humming time in an airplane! I still carry paper books with me, so I can ignore all the instructions to turn off my device and be bored. I actually hoard books so I have something special to look forward to when I travel.

But now I am home, and there is a yard to tidy, laundry to do, and a book to write. I’m on what I hope is the final round of edits for The Fool’s Assassin.  I know, of course, that there will be copy edits and final readings of galleys, but I hope this is the one where I actually get the words on the page right, excluding typos and those sorts of errors.  So wish me luck on that, and then I’ll be plunging back into the first draft of Book Two, as yet untitled.

So if you don’t see any new posts here for a bit, you’ll know I have good reason!

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