Waterstones at Milton Keynes and Forbidden Planet

That is my schedule for today, and I’m looking forward to it.  I’ve had a few hiccups with the Internet today, so I may not be posting as often as I’d like, but I will do my best!

I’ll be at Waterstones at Midsummer Place at noon to sign books. 

Forbidden Planet in London at 4 this afternoon!


Don’t let me sit there all alone!

4 Responses to Waterstones at Milton Keynes and Forbidden Planet

  1. I wanted to come to see you in London so much and I was planning it for months but in the end I had to go to work and so my plans failed. I am so sorry, please come to UK again! Have fun and enjoy your time. Will you be exploring eastern Europe soon by any chance? Bulgaria?

    From the Neame Team (me, my husband and our malamute Beowulf)

  2. I have read all your books and am just finishing Blood of Dragons. I started off with the paperback of the first Mad Ship and have read everything since. I’m hoping you will come to Southern California sometime so that I can meet you. I’m a big fan of Robin Hobb. I haven’t read anything by Megan Lindholm, as I’m trying to not buy any new authors for another few years. I’ve made a deal with my husband: Let me finish one last bookcase of unread books, then I’ll start whittling down! I don’t think he believes me, but it’s true. I have to admit, I’m a big fan of fantasy writers and collect quite a few. Those I’ll likely keep and ditch the rest! Have a good tour!

  3. Hi Robin, it was great seeing you at Forbidden Planet. Thanks for coming to the UK and looking forward to reading your new book!