The Writer is Always the Last to Know!

This lovely link was sent to me by my friend Sini.

And for those of us not versed in Swedish, here is the free-wheeling Google Translation!  The summary is that I have been awarded Nåbel prize from the SF bookstore in Malmo!   A very pleasant surprise!

October 11, 2013

And Nåbelpriset in Literature 2013 goes to … … Robin Hobb! … for immersive novels ranging from urban fantasy visible origin where the great challenge the real, to drakfantasyns wide wingspan, and also from this epic height portray complex characters empathetic, and with uncompromising honesty follows them through both the tragic and the magic.

/ Nåbelkommittén by Karin and Nene

PS. Robin Hobb will personally be present at the solemn Nåbelceremonin in SF Bookstore in Stockholm Wednesday, Nov. 6 (more info follow!).

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