The Fool’s Assassin

Title Page: The Fool's Assassin
Title Page: The Fool’s Assassin


So.  There it is.

The short summary.  This manuscript is now with my publishers.  I am hoping for a 2014 publication date, but we will see.  This is volume one of what I am determined will remain a trilogy in length. 

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I had intended to make a more grandiose announcement of this, but flu/cold felled me, and the days ticked by, and suddenly it was time let the cat out of the bag.  Or perhaps the Kat?  🙂  

And so. On we go.


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  1. I think my heart got about five sizes too large.  Let us hope I do not perish from this ailment known as “immense gratitude” before at least the first book comes out.

    Seriously, this is amazing news.  I didn’t want to be that person to ask about Fitz and the Fool to the exclusion of your other (wonderful) books, but now that this is official please excuse me while I publicly rejoice.

  2. This is just… awesome!!! I cannot believe this is actually happening!! Thank you so so so much Robin!!
    I don’t know if you remember this or not, but back in February 2012 you did a book signing for City of Dragons in Austin, Texas. There I asked you if we could hope for another major trilogy in the Six Duchies world. and your answer was not really clear, but I`m sure it didn’t make any of us there optimistic either!! so, did you already know you would do it? or even better, were you already doing it? pleaaaase! I really need to know this!:)

  3. AHHHHHH! I am so excited! I just finished the first Farseer Trilogy and am currently working on Liveship Traders. While reading it, I find myself missing FitzChivalry and his comrades. I’m so pumped to hear you’ve already submitted the manuscript for another Farseer trilogy! You’re one of my favorite authors. Please keep up the amazing work! You have tons of fans rooting for you. 🙂

    PS. My reviews of your books on Goodreads are absolutely glowing. I’m a huge fan.

  4. Oh yes! This has totally made my day! Cannot express how much I am looking forward to reading these.

  5. Dear Robin,
    I can not describe, but I`ll try, how happy I am to hear there`ll be another trilogy about Fitz and the fool! I`m so super excited about this news I shared it with everyone today. The books about Fitz, especially the farseer trilogy, are very important to me. I had a rough childhood and reading your books put me trough this hard time. Reading about Fitz sucked me right in to this world you created for him. The books were from my dad, three years ago he died due to a very agressive cancer. The farseer trilogy are his most important legacy to me. Because we shared the love for reading and this books were also his favourits. I`m very sad my dad will not read this new books but I`ll read them for him afcourse and hope he`ll look down upon me and share the new adventures Fitz will have with me. Thank you for your amazing books and this great news. I hope you`ll get better soon.
    Greetings from Holland/the Netherlands, Stephanie de Kruif

  6. I’m really happy and excited about this new trilogy, you just can’t get enough of Fitz and The Fool and Megan usually is a writing goddess. 

  7. I’m sure you’ll have seen the entirely delighted feedback thus far to the announcement, it’s what all your fans have been asking (but to be honest not really held out hope) for. Very exciting stuff. 

    The great thing as a reader is being able to trust this will be a proper trilogy with proper motivation, rather than doing one “for the sake of it” because the characters are popular as is the trend in cinema right now.

    Very, very happy – I will be asking a lot about it in Nottingham in a few weeks time 😉

  8. Thank you so, so much. I’ve been reading the assassin, liveship and dragonkeeper series since I was fourteen years old all the way up to the present. That’s fifteen years now. Lovely to see it being continued.

    For the most part I can wait patiently until it is out but as at the moment I fear I am having a heart attack from this simple announcement, I shall go and hyperventilate quietly in a corner.

  9. I am not sure if this is to be a good or bad thing, that theres gonna be 3 more books in THE series, but i found myself smiling like an idiot for 2 minits after i realised this is not joke. STORY OF THE FIZZ CONTINUES !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. This is the best news I have had this year!  The Fool and Fitz story just isn’t over for me yet.  Already tried to preorder it on Amazon and will be back regularly to try to do just that.  Thank you so much for writing this!

  11. A huge thank you! this is a beautiful gift you are giving to yours fans, i can’t wait for this book! The story of Fitz and the fool is THE best one i’ve ever read. I’ve read and re-read it for years, can’t believe you are doing it!!!

  12. Am I the only one really not excited by this? I’ll probably read them anyway, and will probably enjoy them, but I feel both Fitz and the Fool have outstayed their welcome. I’d rather leave a set of characters wanting more then leave them feeling I got far too much and being sick of them, and those two are definately way into the latter camp.

  13. WOW – I am so happy I feel like my heart is going to explode! I think there are literally tears in my eyes right now. I am just so excited! I cannot believe this is actually happening!

  14. Many many thanks for writing a sequel to the adventures of Fitz and the Fool! This time for sure I’m not going to wait for the French version but buy the book as soon as it is out in the English stores!
    Greetings from a French fan living in Germany… 😉

  15. I can’t wait to read this, I hope your publisher can make an early 2014 release a possibility. Make sure to let us know when we can pre-order it. 🙂

  16. Wow. To me, this feels like telling a Potter fan there is one more book coming. FitzChivalry Farseer is my Harry Potter.

    Let’s just hope it can keep up with the quality of the two other Fitz trilogies, but in Hobb we trust. 

  17. I’m so exited !! I’ve heard some rumors about this before but didn’t dare to believe it. Yet it’s true !! I’m so happy. Although I’m reading the Rain Wild Chronicles, I miss Fitz and the others so much… When I saw this I nearly fainted of joy and now I’m telling everyone who’s read your books that Fitz’s story is not finished ! You’ve made my day. I shall wait, but I’ll buy it as soon as it comes out.
    Thank you so much !
    Happy. Happy. Happy

    (And sorry if there’s mistakes in my comment, English isn’t my native language but I wanted to say something)

  18. 2014 can’t come soon enough…all of your characters are engaging, but for me Fitz and the Fool are as friends, those that you don’t have to see or hear from often but just know that they are there and that they have made a significant impact in your life, albeit that their role is merely to allow you a brief sojourn into a realm far removed from that in which we slog away every day……. that i find myself barely to wait for those few hours when you can throw yourself back into their world.
    Looking forward to more.

  19. I saw the book on the amazon, what was later announced as “some mistake” – so I knew and I hoped.

    I cannot express with words how happy I am to see more book about them.

  20. I’ve read this series three times (as well as Liveship, Dragons, Soldier’s Son etc…). I convinced my wife to read it and, in her words, it changed her life. To re-experience the first 6 books I’ve been reading select chapters to her.  All I can say about the next set of stories is THANK-YOU, THANK-YOU, THANK-YOU.  I’m waiting patiently. 

  21. I’m happy but… I’m a little scared too. Does the book needed a sequel ? It is always tricky to make new story from old one (look at star wars :p ). I have to trust you and the love of the character that you offered to public love. I do not want to play the villain. It is because I’m a really big fan of the character and their relationship and storie that I’m worried.

    Good luck and work !

  22. This is great news. 
    I loved to read about FitzChivalry. You really made us connect with him. 
    I’m happy that he was in a second trilogy, disappointed as to how it all turned out though.
    I’m very excited!!

  23. I always felt like the story wasn’t over yet, like their connection was too deep to have it end like that. I think I read somewhere that you got some backslash from fans and therefore did not wish to continue that series and it made me quite sad. I didn’t really dare to hope, but I’m over the moon right now! Thank you for getting back to them!

  24. Tody may be the best day in my whole life! i can only say thank you, thank you for sharing with us you’re beautiful works!!

  25. I may just start weeping right here. I am an incredibly grateful fan, right now. I adore these characters and I am so excited I don’t know what to do with myself. 

  26. I think my jaw literally just hit the floor. I am so thrilled for this! Wow, I’m a a little at a loss for words at how to describe just how I’m feeling. Thank you so much for this, thank you, thank you, thank you!

  27. Ms Hobb, I am ecstatic about this announcement!! You are one of my favorite writers ever, of any genre, from any era, and to go back to Fitz and the Fool will make me and so many readers SO incredibly happy. You could write about them looking at a fire for 500 pages and we would love it! I’m constantly comparing any and all writing, particularly in the fantasy genre, to yours – you’re like a master class. I have nothing really of substance to say, I guess, I just thought I’d share the joy because I’m guessing as a longtime author these little notes are still nice to read, rather than the same old questions and comments (what are you working on right now? Where do you get your ideas for your stories? Are you every going back to Fitz???). 🙂 Thank you a million times over.

  28. This made my day as well!! I just finished Blood of Dragons (so good, by the way) and I was feeling kind of empty, without any more Realm of the Elderlings trilogies to read, so this news couldn’t have come at a better time. Thank you!

  29. Mrs. Hobb, I have to say, this is a pleasant surprise. Truthfully, I had never heard of yourself or your books until recently. I’ve since devoured the Farseer and Tawny Man trilogies and I’m currently reading Liveship Traders. This news is incredible to me as I connected with Fitz in so many ways. I laughed, I cried and I felt genuine emotions as I read through his story. In fact, I cannot read the poem at the end of Fool’s Fate without tearing up.

    So, thank you for continuing their story. I’m glad to see the relationships continue to develop and I’m interested to see what is going to threaten the Six Duchies this time around. Though, I still feel rather bitter about how things ended up with Starling. 

    2014 is going to be a good year. Thank you for this amazing news. You’ve truly made my day.

  30. OMG! That must be one of the best pieces of news in ages! *so happy* Can’t wait to read more about my favourite book characters of all times! <3

  31. Yes! I had to read 3 times before I believed it. Not only a new book but a Fitz and the fool book too. And more following… You just made my day.

  32. FitzChivalry & the Fool are like people to both me and my wife – and some people we know. They are there, physically present. And they are some of our best friends. I’m so happy they came back from their adventures, that they visited you and that you’re now ready to tell their latest stories. Say hi to them and tell them to visit us soon! Hugs from Wallace and Fatima. 🙂

  33. Just come across this fabulous news by chance and couldn’t tell you how over the moon I am.
    When I finished the 6th volume of the Farseer chronicles I felt bereft ( still do ). I’ve not enjoyed a story so much since I don’t know when. I can’t wait to be reacquainted with Fitz and the Fool .Thank you !!

  34. Yes !!! Yes !!! Yes !!! My love, my favourite books that I can read over and over again, a new treat from the best writer ever ! Words cannot describe my excitement ! I hope I’ll live long enough to read the whole new trilogy. Thank You so much, dear Robin, you’ve made my day !