rom Leeds to Manchester

Everyone has been so lovely!

We had a warm welcome at the Waterstones in Leeds and a nice queue of people waiting to have books signed.

So on we go to Manchester.  That event to 7 PM tonight will be a reading, followed by questions and answers, and then a book signing.  I hope to see you there.

2 Responses to rom Leeds to Manchester

  1. Hi Robin. 

    Just met you in Manchester and had an absolutely fantastic evening. I just wrote my blog all about it : 

  2. Had a wonderful evening hearing you read again in Manchester whilst amongst ‘my people’, also had some interesting conversations with other readers in the queue for the signing table. There is a definite thrill to be had hearing an author reading her own work 🙂

    Hope the weather didn’t blight the travelling too much whilst you were over here, looking forward on the next book and maybe another visit someday. Now back to finish the last 20 pages of The Piebald Prince….