Just a Nice Day

We had sunny October skies here in Western Washington.  We went down to the pocket farm for a quiet weekend.  My hawthorne tree filled up with robins, who proceeded to squabble over the berries.  I picked all the apples I could reach without risking my life, and we made a lot of applesauce and put it up in jars. 

Last night the dogs woke me up, absolutely infuriated.  I had left the porch light on, and a curious doe was looking in the window at them. Absolutely not allowed!  🙂  Despite their outrage, she took her time leaving.

I love my days down there. It’s not exactly placid; the chickens go into alarm mode when a hawk flies over, and today the ducks had a panic about a blue heron coming in for a landing.  Those birds look like pterodactyls in flight. 

Tonight I am back in Tacoma, where Diego is telling me how much he suffered in my absence.  Do all cats lie as much as he does.

Finally over my horrible cold, and that makes life look pretty good.  And the pages are slowly being filled with characters.


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