Rainy, Rainy Day

Here in Tacoma and environs, we’ve been breaking records for rainfall. Yesterday, we broke our record for rainfall in a single day, and our record for rainfall in September, at 5.6 inches of rain so far. Saturday, we had 1.71 inches, breaking the old record of .83 twice over. And much to everyone’s surprise, we had a funnel cloud damage the Boeing plant at Frederickson. Was it a tornado? We are speculating about that. It blew some train cars over, so it definitely was not just our usual gusty, rainy weather.

I spent yesterday out in the rain putting sturdier covers on our chicken pens and creating shelter for the geese. Not even ducks and geese are happy in that much rain! The work had to be done, and I reasoned that there was no way my cold could get any worse. And I was right. Still miserable today, but at least I’m inside with the cat and the computer. And yes, my cold still.

Zinc and orange juice and peppermint tea. The big orange cat assures me he is part of the cure. Outside the rain continues to come down. We have flood watches going on for the local rivers and terribly slow traffic when the storm drains are overwhelmed. It’s a good day to stay inside and see how much writing I can get done in one day.

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