Comic Con Schedule

Herewith, my friends, is my public schedule for SDCC (San Diego Comic Con) also known as Comic Con International.

Friday, July 19th
2:30 PM Room 24ABC Epic Fantasy Panel with myself, Ray Feist, Brandon Sanderson, Django Wexler, Melissa de la Cruz, Christopher Paolini and Daniel Abraham.

4:00 PM Immediately afterward, the panelists will go to the signing area to autograph books.

Saturday July 20th
11 AM Booth # 1029 I will be signing Dragon Keeper mass market books at the HarperCollins booth. I will, of course, be happy to sign any other books you bring by, or to offer you a signed bookplate if you don’t want to carry a load of books through ComicCon.

Sunday, July 21
10 AM Booth 1514 I will be signing free copies of Assassin’s Apprentice at the Bantam Random House booth. I will happily sign any other books you bring by, or will give you a signed bookplate if you don’t wish to be burdened with pounds of books at the convention.

If, at any random moment, you spot me or the Office Kat at comic con and come over to introduce yourself, we will have small tokens of our esteem to give you. So don’t be shy!

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