The Journey was the Adventure

It’s supposed to happen on Friday the 13th. Not Thursday the 13th!

I arose at 3:30, flung myself together and the shuttle arrived at 4 AM. Flawless. The driver told me we had only two other stops before the airport. Great.

We were actually on I=5, near the Port of Tacoma exit when she got the call. Another driver had a flat. We had to race back to South Tacoma and pick up another rider. Okay. I was cool with that. We could make that. And we did! and all went well checking in. This time, they did not swab my fingers or keyboard for explosive residue. (Raise your hand if this has ‘randomly’ happened to you 3 or more times. That’s what I thought. Avoid sending international email messages with the word “assassin” in it, and maybe it never will. That’s my NSA tip of the day for you. Oh, silly me, I’m sure I’m just being paranoid and there is no connection at all!

Then to the waiting area. I just had time for a cup of coffee. We boarded the plane. Then we all got off. Something was wrong with the landing gear and they were going to have to jack up the airplane to get at it. So they gave us each $6 to get a bite to eat (at the airport?) and rebooked us. I ended up with a Salt Lake City flight that would not leave for several hours, not until 10 AM. I thanked the very harried man who was certainly doing his best. When I boarded, I found myself alone in an exit row. Not bad at all, and I finished reading the Joe Lansdale book that I’d started that morning. Mucho Mojo can make you forget you are on an airplane. Great tale.

So we got to Salt Lake City. It would be another long layover of several hours. I was to fly out at about 4:30. SLC airport is actually lovely, for an airport, with lots of windows and views of the surrounding mountains. I bought another book, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, and settled infor the wait.

But at boarding time, there was no airplane that worked. So they sent for another one for us. From Calgary, Canada. Okay.

Except that Calgary was snowed in. So that airplane was still on the runway, waiting to depart.

Well. Enough of this tale. I did reach Nashville, at 1 AM instead of the 4 PM on Thursday that I had expected, and Stephania, Amanda and Fred met me and transported me to the hotel.

And 11 hours later, I’m up and ready for Hypericon! Hope to see some of you here!

4 Responses to The Journey was the Adventure

  1. Β  Im glad you made it there ok πŸ™‚ But I Β live in Edmonton, AB and Calgary wasn’t snowed in lol! I know we live in Canada but it was a nice day. sunny and warm πŸ™‚ no snow πŸ™‚ Any way hope you have fun !!

  2. But even the airline crew told us they were sitting on the runway, waiting for a break so they could take off!

    It’s a conspiracy, I tell you! A secret plot to makes us afraid to go to Calgary in June, unless we pack our parkas!

    I’m really going to wonder what was going on, now. πŸ™‚


  3. Ah, so it happens on the other side of the Atlantic as well I see! There is a real sense of connection reading you are not the only one, although not necessarily comforting. But you are right, Robin, there is something about a tale that can carry you away when the plane doesn’t. I had Fitz with me in my last London-Geneva-Athens flight adventure… so all good!!! πŸ˜€