We are one week away. If you act before June 10, you can still get the pre-registration price. As convention prices go, this one is a bargain, at $35 for pre-registration. And despite rumors to the contrary, discounted hotel rooms in the convention block are still available.

Hypericon (http://www.hypericon.us) is a Speculative Fiction and gaming convention held in Nashville, Tennessee. It goes from June 14 to June 16 this year. I will be a guest there this year, and other writing guests include:

Glenn Cook – known for The Black Company, Garrett P.I. Dread Empire,Instrumentalities of the Night, Starfishers and Darkwar.

H. David Blalock – known for The Angel Killer and Co-Founder of Imagicopter

Herika Raymer – Editor of Clockwork Spells and Magical Bells, Writer, Co-Founder of Imagicopter

Stephen Zimmer – known for Rising Dawn, and Fire of Eden , Founder of Seventh Star Press

Toni Weiskopf – science fiction editor and the publisher of Baen Books

This should be a very fun convention! I hope to see some readers there.

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