Frank Herbert Park in Tacoma

Doesn’t that sound good? A park named for a Tacoma born author who helped raise environmental awareness? Frank Herbert, author of Dune and many other fine books, gave us the desert planet Arrakis, the spice trade and what was, for many of us, a glimpse of what terra-forming could be.

At one time, Frank Herbert lived in Tacoma, on the Tideflats, with a lovely view of the Asarco smelter and the accompanying, breath-defying odor. For years, the huge stack of the smelter spewed stink laced with arsenic and lead out in a plume that polluted public lands and private yards in Tacoma.

Those days are gone, thank goodness. What remains is a slag heap that is going to be reclaimed by the city and rehabilitated into a park. The park might be called Penninsula Park. Or, if supporters get behind it, we might have Frank Herbert Park in Tacoma.

For more information, please read the excellent article by Peter Callaghan in todays Tacoma News Tribune. Here is the LINK to that.

You can help make this happen. Visit Or click on this link (which, I know, is hard to see.) LINK

The petition had a goal of 50 signatures. When I just signed, it was at 79. Can we please boom this across the internet, to show Tacoma how much support there would be for naming a park after this wonderful writer?

Thank you!

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