Aprendiz de Assassino

Brazil Assassin's Apprentice coverI am very pleased to say that in July, the first volume of The Farseer Trilogy, Assassin’s Apprentice, will be published in Brazil by Leya Brazil. The title will be Aprendiz de Assassino. (There’s a link hidden there! You just have to mouse over it to see it. Must fix that!)

This will be Fitz’s first venture into South America!

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  1. Mrs Hobb,

    Happy Mother’s Day!

    We’re your fans in China Mainland. For many years, we’v always been looking forward to your The Liveship series and The Tawny Man series published in China Mainland. But till now, our hopes are still in vain.We heard that there are some publishing companies had asked you about the copyrights of your books. Please. Please give us a word. May we see your books in China Mainland this year? Thank you very much!

    Yours scincerely