A Fresh New Look for Robinhobb.com

So, what do you think?  Please do let us know!

Many thanks to Eric of Goldspace web design for his patience during this ongoing update process!

We are still a work in progress, so please do keep coming back to see what we are changing, updating and adding to the website. And you feedback is sincerely welcome.

12 Responses to A Fresh New Look for Robinhobb.com

  1. I think the new site looks amazing. The way the banner graphic of the books changes is very eye catching. Makes me want to read them all over again. 

    Can’t wait till I can get my hands on a copy of Blood of Dragons. 

  2. Love the new site except for the flickering background! It is very distracting and headache inducing. Other than that – excellent website 🙂

  3. It’s, of course, much-much better! In many respects it is neater than George R. R. Martin’s website and by leagues surpasses Brandon Sanderson’s.  Things I would make some remarks about are the italic font used in headlines, it doesn’t feel quite right – feels almost as if someone was playing with fonts way too enthusiastically,and over-analyzed. This fonts doesn’t seem to work as it doesn’t look seamless and wholly appropriate. Secondly, the net in the background is quite disturbing -as if something is still loading or hasn’t loaded correctly. Thirdly, novels section – it doesn’t look nice to have such a breakdown when there are so many trilogies involved – make them fit in a line or let them be separate entry per line. The way they are now doesn’t look right or calculated or presentable even. And oh, it would be nice if they’d been formatted to be of equal dimensions – I’m pretty sure it can be done…

  4. On the plus side, I like the rotating book header. I must admit I clicked a few times, just to watch it roll.

    On the negative side, I really dislike the flickering background when scrolling. Incredibly irritating. I use Firefox, but I checked the site in IE just to be sure it wasn’t caused by browser incompatibility.

    Also, not a fan of the earth tones.

    Love Robin Hobb! Reading the just-released “Blood of Dragons.”

  5. I really like the website and the clever way the designer has created the textured effects. However, using Flash for what is essentially a simple image slideshow suggests that the developer has become rather set in his ways. If the developer had created the slideshow using any of the more modern JavaScript techniques available, people on iPhones and iPads would get to enjoy the beautiful cover artwork instead of seeing a large white box with the words, “You need to upgrade your Flash Player to version 10 or newer”.

  6. I like the new site, but I just fear that the patterned effect on the background image lends itself to affecting anything placed directly on it. Like the “Robin Hobb” at the top of this page. The words are losing the effect amongst the background. I do love the fact there’s a map in the background though…I just don’t want people to be scared away by the background imagery.

  7. Very well done. Has the look and feel of a top rate author. Ease of use is improved as well as intuitive. Again good job.