Two Cool Things . . . well, actually Three

The first is, if you have pre-ordered Blood of Dragons in the US, you can get a signed bookplate to go in it!

Fill out this form on Facebook and the bookplate will be sent to you.

Second cool thing. Recently, I joined Goodreads, a social media site where it is far too much fun to assemble a library of books you have loved and post reviews of them.  Now, as I consider myself an optimist, I only post about books I’ve enjoyed.  So you can consider my library there something of a recommended reading list.

On April 11th, I’ll be doing a ‘featured author’ event there. Basically, it’s a chance to interact with readers.  You can visit, ask question, and I’ll do my best to answer them.

Oh, and yes, I should add that I’ll be doing an AMA (Ask Me Anything) over at Reddit fantasy on April 16th.  So if you miss the one on the 11th at Goodreads, don’t hesitate to join us there.

7 Responses to Two Cool Things . . . well, actually Three

  1. You can bet on me paying attention to your Goodreads account. The amount of times I’ve bought a book based on a review from you being on the cover…

  2. Goodreads is brilliant, their yearly-reading-goals are a great way to motivate yourself to read more, and for younger kids it’s a great way of showing off to their friends and remembering what they’ve already read.

  3. I am trying to find out specifically whether you will be making any public appearances in the L.A. area on April 20. I know that you are on a panel at the Book Festival on the 21st and have a book signing on the 19th, but am wondering if there is anything scheduled for the day in between?

  4. Hi Ronnie! I will be at Mysterious Galaxy on the 19th! And at the LA festival on the 20th, so there really isn’t a gap of a day in between. (I can only dream!)

    Will you be at the Festival?

    And if anyone wonders about my schedule, you can click on it from the main page of the website. And I usually give a ‘heads up!’ a day or two before.

  5. Any chance of your travels bringing you to OZ-traila in the Farseer-able future? As an expat Insane Diegan, the West Coast is a long reach to catch you at any public events in the US of A. Just finishing The Farseer Trilogy again after a hiatus of 10 years using a 2007 edition by Harper Collins UK. The rest of your work awaits a renewal of my interest as there is much of your previous work that awaits a second visit. Thanks for the many entertaining hours and the occasional change to my perspective when considering the world in general.
    {:~) PS: How does one put a photo on these replies? I see several on this page and it is a better look than the generic silhouette.

  6. Hi Firedog!
    I have to admit, I have no idea how to put a photo on the comment page! 🙂

    And yes, I will be coming to Australia for Supa-Nova in June of 2014. Sydney and Perth! And I hope that I may find a way to hit a few other cities on my own, but that is just a day dream right now!