Yesterday, I was virtuous.  I sat at my desk and let nothing distract me.  I worked on my revisions all day. 

Today I shoveled most of a pick up truck of soil into the raised beds that I’d lined with landscaping fabric. Then we went down to the building-that-is-soon-to-be-a-dojo where I rewired a pigtail for the pump that theoretically makes hot water reach the bathrooms faster, hung signs for the handicapped bathrooms in braille at the appropriate height, hosed out the truck bed, pressure washed part of the side of the building, and nearly broke a drill bit trying to get through some ancient masonry to hang toilet paper dispensers at the prescribed height in the bathroom.  Then I picked up half a truck load of construction debris from our site.    On the way back to Tacoma, we stopped and picked up vermiculite, more landscape fabric, extra pipe hangers for the saggy pexpipe, two more drill bits, and the hangers for the rain gutters.And we came home.

Fred wants me to come down there again tomorrow with him to shovel another truck load of soil into raised beds and possibly get the rain gutters hung on one side of the dojo and try out the new drillbits that may get through the masonry.  Oh, yes, we have vermiculite to mix into the filled beds of soil.  And if we have time left over, we need to paint the trim in the janitor’s closet.  And if the drillbits work, I can put the pipehangers on the saggy pexpipe.

Or I can stay home and write.

And I’m really tempted to go with him, because that sounds like a much easier day than trying to make the words go right on the screen.

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