British Fantasy Society Interview

I just conpleted an interview with the British Fantasy Society.  I very much enjoyed it. It wasn’t the standard set of questions.

4 Responses to British Fantasy Society Interview

  1. Fantastic interview!
    Just finished the Willful Princess and Piebald Prince, what a brilliant twist at the end! Great insights into Fitz’s history, thanks Robin 😛 Can hardly wait to read Blood of Dragons!

  2. Very interesting interview!
    Now I finally know, why you are my alltime favorite author – you love the same things than I do. Especially Dragons 😀
    I can hardly await BoD!
    Thanks for all your wonderful books!

  3. Hello Robin

    I’m relatively new to your books, in fact I’m on the 3rd of the The Tawney Man series and have truly loved it. May I ask you, have you had shamanic training or are your books, from your point of view, fiction only? As I read the books, so often I get this deep sense of knowing ‘this is possible’. So much so it has drawn me to consider studying the subject of shamanism.

    Thank you so much for such wonderfully deep reading.

    Travelling companion Teresa-Iche