Blood of Dragons

I’ve received a number of queries recently, so I decided I should re-post the information here.  Blood of Dragons  will be released in the US on April 9, 2013.  Australia and the UK will have it on the shelves by then also.

You may even find the book on US shelves at the end of March, as some bookstores put books out as soon as they arrive.

Thanks for being interested!  The amazing cover is by Jackie Morris.

9 Responses to Blood of Dragons

  1. This is so weird. I found the book on a shelf in an ordinary bookstore two weeks ago, in SWEDEN!
    I liked it very much! But I am still confused how i could get it before the release-date? Not that I am complaining at all…

  2. How exiting! I cannot wait! I’m such a huge fan of your books. I am having my second son in four weeks and his name is Verity. We framed The Farseer Trilogy and have it hanging in his nursery. It will be a good day when I get to pass down my tattered, well-used Robin Hobby books. I’ll have another to add to my collection here soon.

  3. Dear Robin, I already got my UK copy in the mail yesterday and finished reading it today.

    Thank you for another great story!

  4. Will the ebook be coming out at the same time?

    I’ll order in print if not, though it is easier than carrying bulky books around, since I have to take them with me almost everywhere until I’ve finished them. Otherwise I resent every moment I have spare that I could be using to read more 😀

  5. I found the book in the bookstore in Belgium (not the Dutch version, which has been here for a while, but the ENGLISH version) and was very surprised because that is way before the release date? Anyway, they did ask way too much money for it, so I refrained from buying the book and am waiting on Book Depository to send my copy. 🙂

    (For comparison, a hardback copy from BD costs 20.56 euros, while the store asked more than 30 euros.)

  6. 😛 Exciting that it is available in some places already ~ I’ll definitely check out the bookshops in Sydney this week!

  7. Dear robin,

    This is awesome. I’m waiting or the book for so long.
    Is it possible to buy a signed book?
    Can i have it from you?