SciFiNow Interview

SciFiNow is, as it bills itself, the Premier  Sci Fi, Fantasy, Horror and Cult TV website.  It’s published in the UK, and I was honored when they asked if they could interview me.  It’s available as both an e-zine or a print magazine.  I was very pleased with the quality of questions they came up with; there were several I’d never been asked before.  I hope you’ll enjoy it.

4 Responses to SciFiNow Interview

  1. Dear Robin Hobb,

    I chose to post this here since this is your last journal entry and I don’t know where else to write this to you.

    At the ward where my friend is, there is one single bookshelf. And there three of your novels are, for some reason The Tawny Man trilogy. You’re my favourite author, so I asked my friend if she’d read any of your books. I showed them to her, but she said she didn’t have the strength to read them. I tried to cheer her up and therefore said it was just as well since she should begin with the Farseer trilogy. I told her I could bring her Assassin’s Apprentice, but she repeated that she didn’t have the strength. But then she asked me if I couldn’t, since she knows I’ve read your stories over and over again for five years, tell her a story from them.

    For one hour every evening for a week, I told her the story of Fitz and the Fool, without more than mentioning Nighteyes or Chade or Burrich or Molly or Nettle or anyone else. I had to since I wouldn’t have been able to tell her the story otherwise, not without reading the two trilogies to her. I hope you don’t mind, Robin.

    When I had finished, she was silent for a long time. If her eyes hadn’t been wide-opened, I’d thought she’d fallen asleep. “Now I understand,” was all she said, and I was afraid my telling had wearied her. But then she continued, “The poem, you know, that I recited at the theatre last spring.” I had to admit that I in fact didn’t understand what she was talking about. So she read from memory:

    My beloved will not return,
    but my love will return to me.
    What I have lived through will not return,
    but my life has returned to me.

    Robin, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I haven’t seen her as focused or interested, I haven’t seen her care about anything, as much as your story for a very long time. So thank you, Robin, for writing the story I could bring to her. I wish I could say that she’s miraculously left her sickness behind, but at least I can say that your story gave us several good evenings. Perhaps it seems sentimental or pathetic, but that’s how it is. So thank you.

    Magnus, in Agnes’ behalf

  2. Dear Magnus,
    Thank you for sharing this with me. I think you must be an exceptional person and a story teller in your own right. I do not see anything overly sentimental or pathetic in your story. I can only hope that each of us has as good a friend as Agnes does in times like that.
    Thanks for taking the time to share this story here.


  3. Magnus, that’s a brilliant story. It is true, the stories of Fitz are very powerful. it was 9 years ago when I first started reading the trilogies, and still every day, every hour, I think of them… They are written so well that it seems they have a life of their own…and maybe they do, who knows.