Off To Fandom Fest

With a bit of trepidation for the weather, I’ll admit!  104 degrees Fahrenheit?  Louisville, what are you thinking????

But balancing that is huge excitement for the ‘umbrella’ event that covers fantasy, SF, Manga, Anime, movies, costuming, horror, movies, film making and, well, everything that makes life fun and exciting!  There is a 30 page guide to the event, to give you an idea of how many things are going on.

And movie stars galore!  Bruce Campbell!!

If you are curious, take a peek here at the Fandom Festival Site. 

I’m off to a fabulous weekend.

Friday, June 29, 2012
7:00 PM
Panel: Exploring Genres Fantasy
Beckham Room 
An open panel discussion looking at the Fantasy genre as a whole, past, present, and future,
with an emphasis on the current writing/publishing trends in fantasy at the moment.
Co-panelists include Michael Williams (one of the first DragonLance authors), D.A. Adams,
Laura Resnick (DAW/Wizards of the Coast), Jim C. Hines (DAW), Carole Malcolm (M) (senior
editor/reviewer at Bitten By Books and a main moderator at DragonCon)
Saturday, June 30, 2012  
11:30 AM
Panel: Exploring Genres Epic Fantasy
140 North 4th St
Galt House Hotel
This panel has a narrower focus than the Fantasy Panel from Friday night. This one will take a
close look at Epic Fantasy, with a little more time spent on defining what Epic Fantasy is,
highlighting some premium examples, and speculating on where Epic Fantasy appears to be
headed. Co-panelists
include: Carol Malcolm (M) H. David Blalock, Terry W. Ervin, Gail Z Martin (Orbit/Solar), and
Laura Resnick
4:00 PM
Spotlight on Robin Hobb
140 North 4th St
Galt House Hotel
 Jones Room 
To be moderated/guided by Lee Martindale (writer/editor who serves on the Board of Directors at
SFWA, fantastic moderator), this session will highlight Robin’s work, what has come before,
what is happening now, and what fans can look forward to from her in the near future.

Sunday, July 1, 2012  
12:00 PM
Spotlight on Robin Hobb
140 North 4th St
Galt House Hotel
Louisville, KY 40202

Followed by a signing session at the Joseph Beth Booth!

I hope to see some readers there!

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