An E-Book Bundle for Soldier Son!

For those of you in the US, today begins a special offer on the Soldier Son Trilogy.

HarperCollins Voyager  is offering it as an e-book bundle for $14.99, less than the price of one hardback!   The Soldier Son Trilogy includes Shaman’s Crossing, Forest Mage and Renegade’s Magic.

2 Responses to An E-Book Bundle for Soldier Son!

  1. Hello, Ms. Ogden!
    First of all, please excuse my English. I am not a native English speaker so grammatical errors are very likely.
    If I wanted to tell you some of my impressions after I have read The Farseer Trilogy, ask you some questions (that are not in the FAQ’s link) about your work where would I post or send them?
    Thank you.

  2. Ah, one of the great things about ebooks is they can be sold in cool bundles like this.

    Really liking that cover art too – do you, Robin, (or anyone else) know who the artist is?