“Words Like Coins” in e-forms

Good Morning!

“Words Like Coins” is a Six Duchies story that was first published in the Subterranean anthology A Fantasy MedleyThis lovely little volume featured stories by Kate Elliott, Kelley Armstrong, C.E. Murhphy and myself.  It sold out in a heartbeat.

Since then, I’ve heard from a number of readers asking if there is any way to get a copy of the story.  I am pleased to say that “Words Like Coins” is now available as a lovely e-book with literally fantastic illustrations by Tom Kidd.  It’s only $3.99. 

That link goes to the Nook version from Barnes and Noble, but you can find it for the Kindle as well at the Amazon store.

5 Responses to “Words Like Coins” in e-forms

  1. Wow!!! That are smashing news! I’ll immedeately look for it. Hopefully I will receive it via Amazon.de.
    Thanks, Robin, that’s wonderful!

  2. Alas, it doesn’t seem to be available on amazon.co.uk. I don’t know if you have any influence there, but if it became available I’d buy it!

  3. Hi Alex!
    I wish this were my department and I could make the story available with the Kidd illustrations world wide. Unfortunately, we are still evolving in this area. 🙁


  4. Hi Robin,

    Hopefully we’ll catch up eventually. If you hear anything, please shout about it!