Wednesday, May 16th

If you enjoy Reddit’s AMA’s, then you should mark your calendars now!  🙂

I’ll be interviewing/ MC’ing a question and answer session with Helen Lowe at 6 PM Pacific time.   I’ve been recommending her books for over a year now.  Heir of Night was  the first book in what promises to be a four book tale, The Wall of Night series.  It’s a well -realized setting, with great characters and a plot line full of intrigue, magic, and dark predictions.  I’ve read the first two books and loved them both.

So I expect to have a great time asking her questions on Reddit.  Reddit bills itself as the Front Page of the Internet, and justifiably so.  If there is anything worth talking about, someone has started a discussion about it on Reddit.  Their AMA’s are Ask Me Anything, in which authors, musicians, politicians, celebrities, etc come onto Reddit and spend an hour or two fielding questions from the public.  I was a guest there not long ago and greatly enjoyed it, and I’ve spent some time since then in exploring Reddit more fully.  Fascinating place!

I’ll try to post a direct link to the AMA as we get closer to it in time!


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