Elf Fantasy Fair and The Netherlands in 2012

So, just a bit of a recap here!  I’ve many fond memories, and friends have sent me some nice photos.

I did some interviews during my visit, so I think I’ll add links to those here as well:    This one is at Magictales  with Cocky van Dijk and here is one at Planet Aeon with Ines van Dijk.  

Many thanks again to all the people who made me feel so warmly welcomed there!

One Response to Elf Fantasy Fair and The Netherlands in 2012

  1. Hi Robin!

    I just want to say that you’re my favorite writer and I keep reading your stories over and over again.

    Is there any chance you’ll ever come to Sweden again? (I was unfortunately not even born the last time you were here.) Surely you’d want to, if you only had the time. 🙂 Especially since
    Lindholm is a Swedish name and the Outislanders bring my thoughts to the Vikings. (I’m setting my hopes to far-fetched assumptions here, but I’m desperate). Anyway, I will always read your books and your characters will always stay close to my heart.