ConNotations NewsZine

My paper copy of ConNotations arrived today! 

I love the fiction of my field and subscribe to several magazines. But I also love the news of my genre.  I want to know what is being published, who is nominated for an award, which conventions are when, and where, and what new movies are coming out.

For information of that sort, I turn to ConNotations and to Locus Magazine.

 ConNotations comes on newsprint and arrives every other month in my mailbox. And as I always do, I sat down and thumbed through the new issue.  There were some great discoveries for me, regarding the new Dr. Who girl, a BBC update on The Three Musketeers, information on signings and author events, and some book reviews. 

ConNotations is The Bi Monthly Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror and Convention Newszine of the Central Arizona Speculative Fiction Society.  You might think from the title that it’s only useful to folks living in Arizona.  You would be wrong.  It does focus on Arizona, but articles on the nominees for the Nebula Award, a listing of the upcoming Summer Movies, and announcements about Chicon and writers contests make it relevant to anyone with an interest in SF and Fantasy and Horror.

Part of the pleasure of Locus (The NewsMagazine of the SF Field) and ConNotations for me is leaning back in my office chair and enjoying them with my cat.  But for those of you who are more pixel oriented, I recommend the CASFS website.

Locus comes once a month,a glossy paged magazine with lots of color photos, and in depth coverage of the SF/fantasy field.  If I want to find out who sold movie rights, which author just landed a new contract, and what books are due out next month, I look in Locus.  It also does a lot of color photography and coverage of the convention scene, and reviews of both short stories in the ficiton magazines and novels.

For Locus, again, I love to get it on paper. But  there is an online version here.

Recommended for people who write fantasy/SF, want to write, or just want to know the latest rumors!


2 Responses to ConNotations NewsZine

  1. Please – When oh when is the next bit of the ‘Dragon’ series coming? I’ so wrapped up in the series it is the best I’ve read for ages – there must be a ‘gathering’ of the ‘strings.

    Carole 😥