UK Kindle special AND RT Booklovers

I’m up early for another day at RT in Chicago.  I’m already looking forward to dropping in to Chicago Comic Con later this weekend.  C2E2 looks to me like a chemical notation and promises a completely different sort of magic from RT.

Meanwhile, back in the UK (must be a day for initials) there is another Kindle special starting.  Dragon Keeper, the first volume in the Rain Wilds Chronicles, is available at this link for 1.99 pounds.  (Why don’t I have a pound symbol on this keyboard?) This is a limited time offer, so I’m posting it ASAP here.  If you haven’t ventured back to the Rain Wilds, this is a wonderful way to put your toe in the water (mind the acid!) and see if you’d like to know more.  City of Dragons is just around the bend!

Here in Chicago, I’m looking out at a blue sky that I probably won’t glimpse again today.  There is so much going on here that I’m having a terrible time choosing my path for the day.  Just the range for the 10 AM panels is amazing.  Everything from Postapocalyptic YA panel to 9 Naughty Novelists (featuring the Smutketeers!) to Urban Fantasy; What’s Hot? to How to Write a Comic.  Or Kiss Me, Kill Me.  Or Writing Inspirational Historical Fiction.    That’s not getting into the track for aspiring writers with all those workshops, or the Agent/Editor appointments that are going on all day.  Flipping a coin won’t do; makes me wish I’d brought a 12 sided die with me!

Should be another great day!


4 Responses to UK Kindle special AND RT Booklovers

  1. I’m so happy to see your post confirming that you are indeed, at RT. I wasn’t sure that my eyes weren’t deceiving me when I saw your name on the list of authors at the big giant booksigning. My teenager (who’s probably one of your biggest fans) and I will look forward to buying new copies of our favorite books and having you sign them.

    Thank you!! 🙂

  2. It was so wonderful to meet you at the book signing! I thought I would share my blog entry with you about the lambs that were born during the signing. It ended up they were a boy and a girl so I named them Fitz and Molly. You can see pictures here:

    I cant wait for the next Rain Wilde book! Thanks for writing:)