Elf Fantasy Fair, 2012

As promised, my detailed schedle for the Netherlands visit!

Friday, April 20 at 1 PM, I will be having lunch with readers. A few seats are still available. Het Cultuurcafé, Vuurtorenplein 6-10, Noordwijk. Phone: 071-3613073. E-mail: info@hetcultuurcafe.nl. Tickets are € 10,-, lunch included.  I always enjoy these smaller gatherings where  it’s possible to have a real conversation!

Friday, April 20 at 5 PM I will be at the Donner Bookshop, Rotterdam, to read a selection and then answer questions.
Boekhandel Donner, Lijnbaan 150, Rotterdam. Phone: 010-4132070. Entrance: free.

Saturday, April 21 ELF FANTASY FAIR www.elffantasy.nl
2 PM Reading at Het Verboden Rijk at the Fair, followed by signing from 3 to 4:30.

Sunday, April 22 ELF FANTASY FAIR Reading at 2PM, followed by signing from 3 to 4:30 PM.

I hope to wander the grounds and see a lot of the Fair as well.  Our weather forecast is not the best, but it may change.  But even if it pours rain, Elf Fantasy Fair is always delightful. 

I am so looking forward to this. The theme for the Fair this year is Gods and Pharoahs.  I expect amazing costumes.

9 Responses to Elf Fantasy Fair, 2012

  1. Wish I could join you on friday, but I need to go to university….
    See you on saturday though, even if I couldn´t finish my costume (study is more time consuming than I thought it to be… 🙄 😉 )

  2. Would’ve loved to attend the lunch in Noordwijk, but wouldn’t be able to be there before 2PM. Thinking about Rotterdam, or the Fantasy Fair – so much to do, so many things to consider…. ah, if only I were a triplet… 😉

  3. Well… the installment of the new central heater took about 3 hours. Still time enough to catch the 3:15PM train

    See you in Rotterdam!

  4. It was really nice meeting you at the Elf Fantasy Fair on Sunday. I’m sorry my son was hysterical when you signed my book. He did enjoy your reading though!

    With kind regards,


  5. Oh this is heartbreaking. I was at the fair in 2007 and it was wonderful. I would have so loved to go again and meet you as well! Alas, I’m in Hong Kong. Hope you really enjoyed your time in The Netherlands!

  6. Hey Robin,

    I was wondering if you’re planning on coming to UK anytime soon? I always read your posts and dream on being there, but I am stuck in the UK for some time. In July I’ll be in Bulgaria for a bit, so you can come and visit your fans there as well hahaha 🙂

    Have a good day,


  7. Oh, he was so good during the reading, how can we blame him for letting us all know he was tired? As a mom and a grandmother, I’ve come to regard a child fussing as their only way of letting us know what they need. So no worries! It was a pleasure to meet you and sign your book.

  8. I do expect to visit the UK again. Let me confirm at least the approximate dates (nothing certain at this time!) and I’ll post them here soon.

    And, looking way ahead, I will definitely be in London for the world con in 2014. Looks like that bid is a certain win now!