Blood of Dragons release dates

I continue to receive queries from readers in the US and UK about the correct release date for the final book in the Rain Wilds Chronicles.  I know that Amazon has conflicting information.  We are in the process of correcting that.

I have confirmed with both editors that March 2013 is the correct release date.  Not July of this year, not May of next year.  No.  March 2013 for the English language editions in the US and UK.

And yes, the Dutch edition is out there and has been for some time.  That happens sometimes.  As a result, there will be  differences between the Dutch edition as it was translated and the English language editions. For one thing, I’ve been able to correct a couple of glaring errors that I made regarding a dragon name and a dragon color!  Other changes are minor.

Thanks for all the enthusiam and eagerness for the next volume!



7 Responses to Blood of Dragons release dates

  1. When will Blood of Dragons be out for sale in Australia? 😛

    Also, I have absolutely loved reading your books, especially The Farseer Trilogy, Tawny Man Trilogy and The Rain Wild Chronicles 😛

  2. You are absoultely the best – have read every single book you have written (even under Megan) Harder than it sounds but wish you could churn out books by the dozen!! Keep on writing. I nag my bookstore when I know a book is due so he is going to loathe me by the time your next one comes out!

  3. I have just begun to read again and I am glad to have found you Rain Wild series. the first two I purchased were paper back editions and City of Dragons in Hard copy.
    I will keep and tresure all three although the later of the htree had several pages with very large ink smudges from the print press. Please ask your puplishig company to do a better job of Quality control.

  4. HEy, I have to agree with some of the comments on the other page, it seems like a LONG time to wait for the fourth book. The series that I have read so far have been great!!! Ivastly enjoy what you write and am going to hate the wait… however I also agree with other commenters that it felt like some of the characters were left out, mainly the other keepers. You and your books are definitely on my favorites and I can’t wait to buy all of the books. I do have a question though.. If the fool was an elderling which it soounds like he was why wasn’t it mentioned that he had scaling?? Would enjoy hearing back and thanks for being the great author you are!!!

  5. Just finished City of Dragons today. I’m crushed that it left me hanging! I can’t wait til March 2013 to see how things end. I hope you decide to start another trilogy relating to this beautiful world you have created!!

  6. I have read all of your books and will now start with City of Dragons. I like the way the different series of novels still are connected, to build a composed world of fantasy and magic.

    I really hope that one day we can read about my favourite caracter, the Fool/Amber/Beloved again.( In the Farseer trilogy he has so many touches of the King Lear Fool). Which is his/hers further or earliest destiny?

    And I would also like to know about Selden. I imagine he must also meet a very special future.

    Thank you for all the good moments of reading!

  7. I have read all your books set within the six duchies and beyond and loved every word.
    Now that I’m done with the flowery sentiment I have to be blunt, in making your readers wait 12 months to buy the second half of a book you completed long enough ago to have it translated to dutch and released in holland seems cruel if not cynical.
    This is clearly the work of your publishers and I am not happy. It is clear from the end of city of dragons that a book has been cleaved in two and it is a tragedy to me that those words are to be left unread by the the english speaking world for a full year longer than was necessary.
    I fear that some inferior retranslation from dutch back to english will find its way online and rabid readers will seek it out.
    In an attempt to maximise sales I think your publishers may have made a rather large error in judgement.
    I say this with affection, as I love your work so much and I don’t lay any of the blame at your feet Megan. I’m just rather annoyed if not a little mad at being made to wait so long for something that is already written and waiting to be read.