Tucson Festival of Books! And the Cover for the Latest Installment in the French Graphic Novel L’Assassin Royal!

I flew into Tucson this morning, and was met at the airport by Festival of Books volunteers   Armando Alvarado and Alexander and Catalina.  (Thank you!  Volunteers like you make the world go around!) They provided me with a warm welcome and friendly chat as they drove me  directly to KGUN for a television interview on their Morning Blend Show.  You can watch the video here

From there, we were off to the Marriott hotel, where my room was waiting.  It’s a very short stroll to the University of Arizona campus where the festival will be held.  An entire city of tents was going up on the campus.  Enthusiastic volunteers were everywhere.  A very strong wind is blowing here, so all the canvas snapping and the tent poles creaking makes it sound as if a flotilla of ships were getting ready to set sail.  I took some lovely photographs, only to discover when I returned to the hotel that my camera has chosen this moment to misbehave. So here is a rather Impressionistic view of the tent city:

Just pretend I used that ‘off focus technique’ on purpose, okay?  🙂

My schedule for the weekend:

Saturday, 2:30 PM   The Return of High Fantasy   Integrated Learning/Rm 150

Saturday, 4 PM  Same Place, Same Time, Different Reality   Chemistry/Rm 111

Sunday, 10 AM  World Building   Integrated Learning, Rm 141

Each panel will be followed by a book signing session.  I have some great co-panelists, including Terry Brooks on that first panel.  So bring your books or buy new ones at the Festival. The festival is asking that you limit yourself to 3 books signed at a time, to keep lines moving.  But if you see me wandering about the Festival at any other time, don’t hesitate to stop me and ask me to sign a book!  Remember that this is a free event, with a lot of activities for kids, too, so the whole family can enjoy it.

 Now here is an image that is not only much sharper but stunning as well:


This is the cover for volume 6 of L’Assassin royal, the French Graphic novel based on the Farseer Trilogy. Soleil will be releasing it in September of 2012.

And no, I am very sad to tell you that there is no English version.  But to date the graphic novels have been gorgeous. And they are the perfect way to practice your French!

I am very excited for this coming weekend.  I hope to see you at the Tucson Festival of Books!

6 Responses to Tucson Festival of Books! And the Cover for the Latest Installment in the French Graphic Novel L’Assassin Royal!

  1. Just found out that part 4 “Molly” is available in Dutch since last November.

    I’ve got to pay closer attention to this!


    BTW, strange that there is no English translation. Shouldn’t take more that a couple of hours based on the existing works and the original books.

  2. I greatly enjoyed the High Fantasy panel, and your diplomatic answer to the Robert Jordan questioner. 🙂

    Thank you for signing my book, alas that it was only an old beat-up paperback of Assassin’s Apprentice. I hope you’ll be at the TFOB again next year, and I’ll plan to have a nice pretty hardback for signing!

  3. Hi Robin, I so enjoyed all your input into the panels this weekend. You are an inspiration!!

    I know you said for me to email you (I’m the blonde in glasses that said thank you after the Building Worlds panel) but I can’t find your email address on your website.

    Thanks again!

    Ingrid Foster

  4. It was a pleasure getting to meet you and listen to you on the panels. Also thanks for signing my book and letting me get a picture taken with you. I’ve been showing it off to friends and family.

    I look forward to next year!