Build a Better Dragon!

Have you ever looked at a dragon and thought, “I could do better than that!”  Well, now is your opportunity!

Construct your own dragon and send it off to HarperCollins.  You may end up with a signed hardback of City of Dragons!

Open to UK residents only, please!

9 Responses to Build a Better Dragon!

  1. Ah.Somehow I missed that “UK only” bit when I saw your post earlier on FB. Think they’ll do anything like that for the US?

  2. Heh. Oh well. Another day, another competition I’m not eligible for.

    I just started a new dragon last night too :D… at around 2 am…

    It does always seem to be that all the interesting competitions are run for only US or only UK residents.

  3. Hello again 🙂

    i don’t suppose there’s just a general comments page, is there? So as not to have to post irrelevant comments on the blog posts if i want to ask about something else.

    In this particular instance, i happened to notice in the bio info that you like mushrooming, and i was just a bit curious as to what kind of mushrooms you’ve hunted for around here.

    Personally, i’ve found more gold & white chantrelles this year than even a small african village would even know what to do with, some admirable boletes which were interesting, lobster mushrooms which turned out to be quite good thrown into the pot with chicken & dumplings, and chicken-of-the-woods.

  4. I haven’t had a chance to go mushroom hunting yet. Seems like the work fills up the day too fast. On neighborhood walks, I’ve noticed a lot of boleti of various types. I’ve been thinking of buying some of the mushroom spikes and innoculating a few downed logs to see if I can establish some blue oyster mushrooms. The same catalog offers a morel starter kit. Hm.

  5. Oops, had a typo in my last post.

    I meant to say this “past” year.
    Actually, i haven’t really had the chance so far in 2012 to go out either. I think the Kitsap Peninsula Mycological Society mushroom club up here are doing foraging trips for spring morels at some point soon, but i’ve been so busy with work lately that i just haven’t really had an opportunity to make it out to one of the monthly meetings.

    I’ve never heard of morel starter kits though. Always thought it was one of the types that didn’t really grow well from a kit. If you do get one maybe you can post how it worked out.

  6. Rats!
    All set to build a fabulous dragon but, alas, US resident. Oooohh, you are sorry you will never see my fabulous idea. Kath

  7. Robin I have been a fan of your books for a longtime and own most of them from livship to fitz. The latest book I bought I was disappointed in how short the book was compared to most of your books I have ready in the past. Is this a decision on the publishers part? It seems as of late that the books start getting to the meat of the story and are cut off with an abrupt end. Is this how the publisher is going in the future for books?