Murder by the Book

Last night was a great experience.  Murder by the Book is a well lit and organized and friendly place.  I had a warm welcome there, with a great reading area full of waiting readers.  John had met me first at the airport, and then to give me a lift to my reading.  As I often find with bookstores, he was  exceptionally knowledgeable about the books, and not just within the genre.  So I had a great evening, and then a nice dinner with friends afterward at Houston’s Hobbit Cafe.  It was another friendly and welcoming place, and the good food definitely came in Hobbit size portions.

Tonight I’ll be at Bookpeople in Austin!  Looking forward to it!

5 Responses to Murder by the Book

  1. Just finished reading City of Dragons (you are one of exactly three authors I will order hardbacks of newly released books from). WHAT A CLIFFHANGER! Please please tell me there are more books in this series coming out…and soon! Purdy please?

  2. Sounds great, I’m so jealous of the US readers.

    City of Dragons was AMAZING, I’m very sleepy at work today, because I couldn’t stop reading.
    I can’t believe we’ll have to wait a whole year to find out what happens next.
    Can someone freeze me until the next book comes out?

  3. is giving 7 May 2013 as the date for Blood of Dragons but US Amazon is still saying 24 July 2012! I wish it could come that quickly. I often wake up in the middle of the night and if I can’t go back to sleep quickly enough I pick up City of Dragons and read through some of my favourite bits. It doesn’t help me get back to sleep – I love reading it so much. 😛

  4. I too couldn’t wait to get my hands on City of Dragons. I’m not sure I can wait until May of next year. maybe I’ll put City of Dragons away until late summere and read it again. 😀