Live From University Book Store Seattle!!!

Let’s see if I can do get these links right!

Tomorrow, Tuesday, February 7, I’ll be launching City of Dragons from the University Book Store in the U district of Seattle, Washington at 7PM. That’s at 4326 University Way NE. City of Dragons is the third volume in the Rain Wild Chronicles. I’d love to see lots of friendly faces there.  But, if you can’t be there in person, you can still listen to the reading and maybe even ask a question. We will have a Livestream of the event.

To read about the Livestream in detail, please visit the HarperCollins Blog  or the Eos Facebook page.

I’m really looking forward to this!


P.S.  Today, Feb. 5 is the last day to get the e-book of Dragon Keeper at the reduced price!  Don’t miss it.

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  1. I did not hope to attend the reading from Italy, so thanks for this great chance! It will be 4 am here, but I’ll be online!

    Best wishes 🙂


  2. No way! I literally just finished Dragon Haven and came online to find out how long I had to wait until the next book. Awesome, can’t wait! 😀

  3. Good luck! You are a living classic. I used to buy your hardcovers the day they came out and read them in one sitting.

    With this one, I’m still buying, in fact, I cannot wait to buy, but I will be waiting for the audiobook to become available.

    You are probably not going to post this comment (I wouldn’t). But what a mess this launch has been! From the title that was already in use to the cover that clashes with the rest of the series and you cannot see much detail in a thumbnail form – at first I thought it had string beans hanging above a sea of yellow, to the obscene price of eBooks…

    Just sad…

    Is there any way you can dump Harper for your future books? They just cannot do this stuff and rob you blind at the same time by claiming 85% of the profits.

    My heart goes out to you. No, it’s bleeding for you. Love you forever and always. You made me want to write.


  4. G’day Robin.

    This is FANTASTIC :mrgreen: , especially as I am unable to receive my pre-ordered copy of CoD due to extensive rainfalls recently here in my part of Australia.

    Just wanting to confirm the time. The links have 10pm, not 7pm. Is this because they are operating under a different time zone/daylight savings or some such to you? I see that EST is stated near the 10pm times?

    I have sent an RSVP so will get a reminder but just wanting to clarify this to pass on details to others – thanks!


  5. Well, I try not to ‘censor’ comments, even if the reader has an axe to grind.
    I love the Jackie Morris covers. They are the same ones that have been used on the UK and Australian editions. I think if you see a full size illustration, you’ll agree with me.

  6. Does that mean it will be at 5am GMT for me here in little old Wales? I’ve sent an RSVP too but will have to leave my computer on all night to hear when the email comes in. It’s only a couple of hours before I usually wake up so I’m sure I’ll make it – virtually.

    My copy of City of Dragons has left Phoenix AZ and is now at Louisville KY. I love the tracking service at! I wonder when it will fly over the Atlantic?

  7. I woke up this morning to find that City of Dragons downloaded to my kindle at 12:21. I can’t wait to begin! I also have a signed copy coming from The Signed Page. Christmas in February!!! Thanks for all the wonderful stories and characters that you have given us.

  8. Hello Robin

    I can’t find a place to send you an email so I’m trying here. I’m 73 years old and have read The Farseer Trilogy a couple months ago and finished The Tawny Man Trilogy last night. I just wanted to tell you I enjoyed the books very much. Good, clean books for all ages with lots of excitement and adventure.
    However,I was very disappointed in the ending. I never cared for Molly one way or the other. I wanted the ending to the love story to be that Fitz would realize Fool was a female and they would live happily ever after.
    This doesn’t mean I won’t buy and read more of your books – only that I’m too old for that kind of disappointment.
    Thanks so much.
    Fay Lanham

  9. I’m sorry that it came off like ‘I had an axe to grind.’ I truly am!

    I didn’t think you were going to post it on the site – it was intended a private message to you to express my opinion.

    I typed a long letter in this message, trying to articulate my opinions a bit more, but then I thought better of it and erased it all.

    This is not the place for it!

    Good luck with the launch and I wish you all the best.

    You are my favorite writer and my greatest influence and you’ll always be, no matter what anybody says or does.


  10. I’ll be there tonight! I’m so excited to meet you! I LOVE your books, and I hope there is a question and answer time too, because I am also an aspiring fantasy writer and I’d love to ask some questions about writing. 🙂

  11. I am so mad lol I saw this post from you last night at midnight and knew instantly I was going to miss out because of work. But my wheels were turning and I spent the good part of a half hour trying to convince my girlfriend who attends UW to get a signed copy for me and a photo so I can super impose a image of me in it lol. Hopefully she can pull through!!!! I hinted at her that this would be the best birthday present ever if she is able too. Lol

  12. Hi Pat! Oh, no worries! I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable, and if you like, I can take the post down.

    In these ultra PC days, it’s actually a bit refreshing to encounter people who say what they think! So, in my own opinion, having an axe to grind ins not a bad thing at all! And it’s one reason why I try not to ‘censor’ people.


  13. I had the lads in the local B&N searching, and we finally found your newbie just this morning. I have had a DAY, but somehow managed to get half of the prologue read. I love being able to step into this world you’ve created, Robin. I feel at home here. 🙂

  14. Wow, my calculations for the timing of that event were way off – it started at 3am here in Wales. Luckily I’d left my loudspeakers on and the page with the livestream up on my computer as a man’s voice woke me up. As I groggily heard him say the word ‘dragons’ I realised what was going on so jumped out of bed and came down to watch you. Couldn’t think of a question to type in but enjoyed hearing the answers to other people’s questions.

    Not sure if I should say this but it amuses me how Americans say the word Duke as Dook. We Brits say it with a Y after the d like Dyook.

  15. Hi Robin!

    I watched your talk live online (even though it was 3am here in the UK!) and I just wanted to say that you were amazing! My question was not asked due to the time limit, so I was wondering if you could answer it here? I realise that this is a difficult question and you may prefer not to answer it, but who is your favourite character out of all the ones you have created (from the Farseer world)?

    Thank you,

    Ps. Have you seen this? When you answered the question with David Bowie I just had to send you this link 😛

  16. Thanks very much for your very generous Livestream reading of the first chapter of City of Dragons. I have been really looking forward to your new book. Not to give too much away, I have been wondering if we would get to find out more about Tintaglia and the mysterious black dragon.

    Thank you too for offering the Livestream session for those of us on the other side of the world. It was great to see you in person if only on the computer and well worth the late night. I hope you will continue to offer these video sessions for the release of your other books.


  17. Hi there! Just wanted to let you know, I got my City of Dragons on Nook at 12:01 am, started reading it then, and stayed up until I finished it.
    I just have one question…how long before I get to read the next one? 😀

  18. This was my first experience of Livestreaming. Lucky I had Gabriella to help me! And of course, I still managed to knock my water over. Ah, well! Next time, I’ll know better what to expect! Thanks for the feedback!

  19. Choosing a favorite character is a bit like deciding which of your children you love best! I don’t think I could really pick just one. If I didn’t love a character, I don’t think I could write him or her. Even my villains are dear to me!

    And yes, that is a lovely depiction of the Fool!

  20. are saying Blood of Dragons is out in the UK on 7 May 2013. I do hope that isn’t true!

  21. Hi Robin

    I’ve just emailed you the link for Blood of Dragons at

    If that date is right I’ll have to order it again from and pay the thirty dollar fast postage. I just can’t do deferred gratification.

  22. Hi Robin

    I’ve come to be a fan of yours rather late, although I’m rapidly working my way through your books.

    I’m currently on the last few pages of Fools Fate and trying to stretch them out as long as possible ! It’s the most amazing, moving book, I’ve ever read and I don’t want it to end.

    I’ve read a few reviews of the book and peoples different opinions on the ending, but have faith your decision will be the right one.

    However, I’m dreading getting to the end and not being able to read about Fitz and the Fool again ! Can you offer me any words of comfort?

    Thank’s so much for such amazing books !


  23. Hi Emma!
    I’ve still got to wrap up Blood of Dragons. We have copy edits and galleys and all sorts of double and triple checks to do on that piece. And then I’m working on a bit that goes back in tim to the Piebald Prince. If I go back to Fitz and the Fool, it would be because I had a truly compelling story to tell, one that I would want to write even if I’d never written about them before. I don’t ever want to write a ‘more of the same but a bit different’ tale about them. The characters, the readers and the writer deserve better than that!