Broaden Your Horizons!

I love watching kids get up and make things happen for themselves.  It’s one huge reason I am such a fan of FIRST, the robotics program that encourages kids to get involved with engineering early and make it a part of their lives.

This weekend, at the Barnes and Noble store in Olympia, I encountered another worthy group.  It’s called Broaden Your Horizons.  The kids involved were in period dress, and fired up to answer questions about American History as part of their fund-raiser to go to Washington DC (That other Washington) and Boston and New York to visit historical sites and learn more.  Barnes and Noble was donating a portion of sales that day to support these kids in their quest.

It was a pleasure to see the kids there and to discover how knowledgeable they already were!  They were all middle school students from Komachin Middle School.   Their fund raising efforts continue today, so if you are in Olympia and would like to donate painlessly to an excellent cause (as in, buy yourself coffee and a new book or two, and B&N will kick in to the goal) please do drop by the store on Black Lake Boulevard!

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  1. Olympia, eh? I don’t suppose you’d ever come out for signing and such at a place like the Barnes and Noble at the Kitsap Mall in Silverdale someday, would you?

    I suppose it just depresses me a little that even a small backwater villa like bainbridge island has had at least Christopher Paolini come there, but that no one ever cool ever seems to tour through the more population dense cities or more accessible cities of kitsap county like silverdale, bremerton, or port orchard.

  2. Hi Robin! Glad you could make it to Olympia again! Looking forward to “City Of Dragons”. This is a bit off topic (wasn’t sure if you’d want to post)- saw you’re comment about meeting readers from time to time over coffee. Would love to take you up on that sometime. Was wondering if you would consider meeting over a pint of ale instead?! Great seeing you again – Prost!

  3. Dear Robin, I’m so confused! 😕 According to Amazon UK Blood of Dragons will be released on 7th May 2013, but on Amazon US the publication date is 24th July 2012… is it possible? Can I really hope to read it so soon?


  4. Hi Sean!

    Well, Bremerton or Silverdale is not that long of a drive. So, tell you what. Either you can drive to Tacoma on a pre-agreed date and time, and I’ll meet you at a location and buy you coffee and sign your book. OR, if you can find five friends who are interested, and a cafe/bookstore/library who won’t mind us dropping in and occupying a table, I’ll drive out to Silverdale and meet up with you.

    This week I’m off to Texas, but we could find a day at towards the end of February that was free for both of us.

    Remember that authors go where they are invited, and the invitation can come from a bookstore, a library, a convention, or just a group of readers. Not all writers can say, “I’ll meet you for coffee,” but a lot of us can if we are invited.

    Best wishes,

    Robin Hobb

  5. I’d have to warn you that it only takes a very small quantity of alcohol to put me under the table! That’s one reason why, generally speaking, I only drink at home and then in moderation!
    I’d hoped to see you after the signing in Olympia for coffee, but I lingered at the signing table and then you were gone. I’m down there on a sporadic basis to annoy my Evergreen student. No reason we couldn’t find time for coffee or Coke for me and Ale for you.
    This coming week I’m in Texas, but toward the end of February, the calendar opens up a bit.

    Robin Hobb

  6. Well, there’s a bit of irony for you – I was waiting in the coffee shop! Unfortunately my time was limited as I had a recording session scheduled at 5:00.Would love to meet when you’re next in town – cheers!

  7. Does this mean that if I can arrange something with the local bookstore, you might be able to visit a dutch bookstore when you are here for the elf fantasy fair??? I would love to have you sign my book, but it isn’t often that American writers come here.

  8. Oh, I’m afraid not! When I travel outside the US or inside the US and it has been arranged by the publisher, my time belongs completely to them. Sometimes I can fit in a quick meal or coffee with friends, but usually I’m on a definite schedule.

    It’s only when I am at home that I can look at a city that is only an hour or two drive away and say, “Sure, I’ll come visit you!” And then it’s not a formal signing, just getting together with readers.

  9. Awesome :).

    Maybe on the 25th? It’s at the end of February like you said would be a good time, and I’ve already asked for that day off from work anyways because my sister has a modeling gig in Seattle. So that day might very well work. The only tough part might be tracking down 5 friends who might be interested. I’m really the only big reader in my circle of friends, lol.