BookPeople in Austin

Hm.  Somehow this post vanished, so I’m adding it back!

I had a lovely evening in BookPeople in Austin.  It’s a huge bookstore, much larger than I expected, and the reading area is well lit and welcoming.  The bookstore staff was very friendly and welcoming.

But the best part came after I’d done my read and signed the books. I adjourned with a number of readers/writers/attendees to the bookstore cafe, where we sat and drank coffee and talked books until closing time. It was a very pleasant experience and a wonderful way to wrap up my Texas visit!

Karen, thanks so much for the ride back to the hotel on such a rainy night!

One Response to BookPeople in Austin

  1. It was a great night Mrs. Hobb! Thank you so much. I drove 200miles from arlington in the rain and I dont regret it a single bit!