Blood of Dragons is Book Four!


I am being asked about this so often that I think it deserves a post of its own!

YES!  There is a fourth books that concludes the Rain Wilds Chronicles.  It is called Blood of Dragons and is currently making its way through the editorial process, to emerge in 2013.  Yes, it will feature a Jackie Morris cover!

To recap:  I intended to write one stand alone book about the dragons in the Rain Wilds.  When I turned in Dragon Keeper, I was very late and the manuscript was very long. Rather than  hack the story down to size, we opted to release one book  as two volumes.  Dragon Keeper and Dragon Haven make up one story.

Then, I resolved to try again to write a third book that would tie up any loose ends about the Dragons, the keepers and Kelsingra. That time, I did manage to turn it in on time! But again, it was far too long.  So, once more, we cut one book into two volumes.  City of Dragons and Blood of Dragons make up on story from the Rain Wilds, and conclude my Rain Wilds Chronicles.

I am so sorry for any confusion and to any readers who bought City of Dragons expecting it to conclude a ‘trilogy’, my heartfelt apologies!

Oh, and that new link on City of Dragons goes to a SUVUDU interview I just completed!



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  1. Thanks for that explanation Robin and great to learn from the interview that you’re thinking of finishing up a work that I have been looking forward to!

    I wonder how many of you out there will frantically get to clicking the link to found out what ‘work’?! :mr green:

    An extended road trip sounds wonderful – good for you!!


  2. Kind of disappointed in how short the book is, especialy considering how much there was in the other books that she has written.

  3. Hi, I am in the middle of reading your book ‘assassins quest’ I believe there to be an error in the book, on page 86, line 4 it should say Chade but instead says Shrewd.
    Yours sincerely Chris

  4. Dear Robin,
    I am THRILLED to hear about the fourt book, though it is hard for me to have to wait so long for it to come out, meanwhile I keep myself busy by making all my friends fans of yours.
    is there ever a chance we will see you here in the holy land for a book signing or any other event?
    thank you for writing such amazing books.

  5. I totally agree with Sam, I can’t wait to get my hands on those next two books! And I’m really looking forward to meet you at the Elf Fantasy Fair in the Netherlands!

  6. I dunno Ms Hobb I’m very conflicted as I write this cuz while I was ecstatic to find out that there was a 3rd boom in the “Rainwild” series I also was hesitant to read it. The reason being that I had grown very attached to the characters both human and dragon that you had created and yet each novel didn’t really feel like much had occurred. I feel like large chucks of it are wasted on characters that are either boring or not relevant to my interests. The villains themselves are very derivative IMO. And hardly anything happens with the dragons in “City of Dragons” and yet the book is over 300 pages. I really hope the last one features some real character development, more interactions between the dragons, more interaction between the human keepers, more development of all the relationships (keeper/dragon, dragon/dragon, and human/human). It’s been 3 novels and only 2 of the dragons can fly? Why didn’t we get any conversation from the other dragons? I feel like a lot of rhe interesting characters have no voices and others are plopped in randomly only to disappear for months on end. It’s very frustrating as a reader. I’m not asking for George R R Martin length novels but it wouldn’t hurt to have a novel that provides rich intriguing dialogue among all it’s characters and one that delivers a complete story. I honestly feel like I could sum up the 300+ novel in just 5 sentences….

    Anyways heres to hoping the final book isn’t the final one cuz I really don’t think the ending will satisfy my hunger to learn more about the dragons and this enchanting group of characters (keepers and the others at kilsangra

  7. I just finished reading City of Dragons, and because I read it on my Kindle Fire and was so absorbed, I had no idea I was coming to the end of the book until the chapter title was Epilogue. I said out load…”Oh, no!”. I want more, and I want it now 😉 Talk about a cliff hanger! I hope Blood of Dragons can be published quickly.

  8. Just wondering, how should Chade be pronounced? An actual ch sound like “chow”, or a soft ch like “shade”? It bothers me when I keep changing pronunciations in my mind. Thanks for writing such wonderful novels.

  9. Robin, thank you so much for your clarification. I’ve re-read all of the Farseer books twice, and now on my third time through, I’ll be able to get past my confusion and just enjoy. It just occurred to me that the shade pronunciation makes perfect sense, because of the tradition of naming royal children with names that eventually became their main character trait. And Chade lived his life in the shade.

  10. Well, actually, Chade chose his own name. He was not born anywhere near Buckkeep, and was only sent to the castle by his step father immediately after his mother’s death. He was just a boy at the time, with little idea of why he was sent.

    His mother was actually a soldier.

    And she never thought he would live anywhere near Buckkeep Castle or his royal father.

    But all of that is a tale for another time. He is ‘Chade’ and if you recall what the Fool once said to Fitz . . .spoiler, spoiler, spoiler ahead

    when he advised Fitz to shelter in the King’s shade he was, perhaps, suggesting something to him.

  11. I LOVED City of Dragons. My only disappointment is that I have to wait an entire year for the next installment. This world, these characters, the story; I LOVE it all.

    Thank you for an enthralling read.

  12. I love reading the Rain Wild Chronicles. I got my sister into reading it too and she can’t wait to read Dragon Heaven and Dragon City. We will be anticipating Dragon’s Blood next year.

  13. I finished City of Dragons last night and my mind is so full of worry and excitement. The suspense and build up is amazing and i feel almost desperate to read the next book. In preparation for City of Dragons I reread all the LiveShip Traders books and of course The Dragon Keeper and Dragon Haven and now i have rejoin the land of the living and working. What a strange world it is with my head full of dragons

  14. Thanks Robin for that fabulous information. I am having memory problems, so when I re-read a book, it’s like reading it for the first time, so all the wonder is fresh for me. I will out for your spoiler info.

  15. I suppose it is not my place to comment on another persons post,so I will refrain from making a clever/witty retort. PS –
    Could you please add more blue in the next book? Its my second favorite color. Cheers! 🙂

  16. Hi Robin,

    can you please put a bomb under your editor/s. The number of errors in City of Dragons was almost distressing. He’s when it should have been she’s etc.

    A year is a long time to wait for another of these great books and I wish there were going to be many more! My kids and I will have to make up our own tales to fill the gaps. LOL.



  17. Hi,
    I’ve been an avid reader of your novels for a number of years and would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the many hours of immense enjoyment your books have given me.

    I am about to read for the first time “The Dragon Keeper” and am eagerly awaiting being immersed once again in the world you created 🙂
    One question first though….I’m aware that the story of Fitzchivalry has come to a close and he’s enjoying his retirement…

    But is there any hope of maybe some offshoots of his adventures ? such as “Badgerlock’s Old Blood Tales” maybe with the odd story covering a couple of his adventures during the years between Assasin’s Quest and Fool’s Errand ?

  18. Hi John!

    No plans for that right now! I have to take my projects one book at a time, or my brain will not hold all the details! But thank you for asking.


  19. Hello Robin,

    I just wanted to say that I just finished reading The city of dragons and was so relieved when I saw your post. I will look forward to your next book and hope to see more of your exellent work in the future.

    Regards from Sweden,


  20. Hi,

    I have enjoyed all of your books till date. Mostly because they are intricate and very much the result of a well designed plot. City of dragons is a bit of a disappointment. It’s good, but not nearly as brilliant as your previous books. It quite literally feels like a story cut in half. It’s not polished. However, it was still fun to read. But here is something else which REALLY bugs me. The Dutch translation of Blood of Dragons is out there, for sale. It was for sale even before City of Dragons hit the stores. How is that possible? (It’s going to be hard not to buy it. I really prefer to read the original instead of a translation. Things get lost in translation.)

  21. 😀 Thanks so much for the update on the fourth book. I just found “City of Dragons” while out shopping last weekend and couldn’t stop squeeing all afternoon. I have only about 15 pages to go, so absolutely cannot wait for the last book in the series, though at the same time I’ll be sad it’s all over.

    I am so much in love with the dragons and keepers, and Alise and Leftrin, Carson. Looking forward to seeing Hest get his come uppance. I am wondering when the stones will be noticed and used (the ones Fitz used to travel with and definitely there were some at Kelsingra as he visited that tower in book 3 of the Farseer trilogy).

    I hope one day you come to Sydney as I would love to meet you Robin and thank you in person for the months of reading pleasure your books have given me.

  22. If the manuscript for City of Dragons was made into two books, why do we need to wait until 2013 for Blood of Dragons? Surely they can get this out sooner?

  23. I am so happy to hear that there is a book four and I am dying to read it. Just read the first three in a week.

    Excellent job!!!

  24. Hey Robin,
    I read City of Dragons (after painfully scouring Geelong for it) and I really enjoyed it! But I missed a lot of the interactions between keepers, like poor Sylve who only gets one line, but that doesn’t matter because you introduced so much extra exciting stuff!

    But, I’m really chafing at the delay of the next publishing! I was hoping for it to be released sometime this year and when you said that the publishers were releasing it in 2013 rather than 2012 like you thought I head-desked.
    Silly publishers.
    When I finished reading it I could kind of tell that you expected the next book to be released reasonably close to this one, it had a real “To Be Continued…..” feel to it. The suspense is marvellous and terrible at the same time 🙂


  25. I just finished City of Dragons and feel like I stopped in the middle and have to wait a year to see the second half. I love these stories. I started with The Farseer Trilogy, then The Liveship Traders and now have finished 3 of the dragons. It’s especially hard for me to wait since I have read all of these in such a short period of time. The next one was always available until City of Dragons. I love that they all take place in different parts of the same world and that things from each slightly touch the others but are still unique series on their own. Looking forward to the next book. Thanks!

  26. ❓ Just wondering why we will have to wait until May of next year if the book was already completed as part of the “City of dragons” book? Seems pretty unfair to me

  27. 😥 😥 😥 I have been waiting for almost a year to read the final book in this chapter and now I find out I have to wait another 12 months? Surely they can fast track it through the editing if it has already been written?

  28. Hi Robin.

    I am your big fan, read all your books.
    Can you make sure the last Dragon book came out in ibook first LOL