Win a US copy of the New Hardback, City of Dragons!

The rules of the contest are simple.  Simply go by the site and make a comment by Monday, January 30th, 2012.  Ten lucky winners will receive the new hardback of City of Dragons early, as well as paperbacks of Dragon Keeper and Dragon Haven.

So if you haven’t begun to read the Rain Wild Chronicles yet,  this is a great chance to catch up!

This contest is for US residents!

24 Responses to Win a US copy of the New Hardback, City of Dragons!

  1. I am a little upset to find that this amazing book contest is only for US residents, as i am from the UK but the biggest admirer of your work! I apsolutely love the Farseer trilogy with a passion and have read it so many times; Fitz and nighteyes are such amzing charicters i found the novel truely magical and so uniquely imagiginative that i had to read on. xxx

    Cannot wait to read more of your work!
    Miss. Lucinda Fountain

  2. Loved the first 2 but I do not own them (borroed from the lobrary). I am WAITING for #3! Thanks so much for the chance. Kath

  3. This series is a fresh and imaginative look at a search by two cultures who must grow and learn together to reach their goal. Can’t wait for the end of the story!

  4. I loved Fitz, was entertained by the Fool, entranced by the Liveships. But the Rain Wilds–my favorite! The history is so DARN INTERESTING. Robin Hobb just keeps getting better, and those who read an awful lot like I do, know….KNOW how rare that is. On top of it all, RH is a female fantasy author!!!!! Does it get any better?

  5. I find your work captivating. I read all your books in 2011. I wanted to say Thank you very much for the depth and detail that you include in your stories, it is what has attracted me from the very start. Bindi, from Australia

  6. that Fitz found peace at last was a balm to my soul…..thank you

    You touched me deeply, and left me changed

  7. I really like the Rain Wilds Chronicles. I first experienced the Farseer trilogy a while back and was captivated by the extensive world-building and the characters…Very Real!!. Keep it up, Robin!!


  8. Can’t wait for this book! Being from the UK though I’ll probably end up importing it before April. 😕

    I noticed a few days ago that all your books are now on Kindle (UK), including the Megan Lindholm stuff that’s hard to find!

    You should make a blog post about that, I only noticed by accident as last time I’d checked there was only the latest stuff!

  9. Just read the first two books in two weeks and loved both! I can’t get enough, when does vol. 3 come out?

  10. thank you for amazing books, you even got my little brother to read !!!! after dad, sister, aunt, cousins, now my 13 year old nephew is buried deep in the fabulous world you created, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, wishing you all the best,

  11. Fhew, luckily I already read City of dragons or I would have been dissapointed not being able to enter the contest. Yay for the Dutch publisher!
    I loved it by the way, can’t wait for the next one.

  12. Can’t tell you how much I enjoy your books. I have slowly managed to turn my little sister into a reader because of you and your wonderful books.

  13. Brilliant. Robin, you are utterly brilliant. 🙂 I adore your novels, and I seriously cried for a week while reading Fool’s Fate. I have a genuine love for your characters and your world you have, as if through magic itself, created. The Fool, Beloved, takes the key to my heart though! I look forward to the new novel, and thank you for all your dedication to what you love! You give Fantasy/SF a breath of fresh air.

  14. My sister sent me a link to the competition on Facebook, and I already posted a comment before seeing here that its only for US residents?!? Whoops (also being from Australia) I guess these things happen 🙂
    REALLY looking forward to reading the next instalment in this series, I love love love everything about this world!!!

  15. I just can put your books down. I got Dragon Haven on Friday night at 6:00pm . Finished it by 11:39 pm Satruday night! 4 hrs sleep since 4 am Friday….. Just couldn’t stop. You are great!!

  16. Found book 2 of the Rain Wilds series on the “new book” shelf in my local library. Immediately checked and found book 1. It took 3 days of constant reading to finish both of them and can hardly wait for number 3! Robin: your plots are incredibly inventive, and character development is amazing. Want to know much more about Alise, Thymara, and Sintara!