Where in the World is Robin Hobb?

Recently, someone told me it was difficult to know when and where I’d be appearing to sign books.  Looking at my website, perhaps it’s not as obvious as I’d like it to be.

If you’re reading this on Livejournal, you’ll need to go to Robinhobb.com to see what I’m talking about.

On the right side of the screen is a quick listing of places where I’ll be visiting.  If you think that’s the only listing, you’ll feel frustrated, as no times or addresses appear there.

To see the complete listing, look at the top of the page and click on Appearances.  Now you will see all dates, times, addresses, phone numbers for all appearances schedules so far in 2012.  For some events, such as Tucson Festival of Books and other multi day conventions, a more detailed schedule will appear when I receive one.   Often the schedule is not set until the final weeks.  But I’ll do my best to tell you exactly which panels I’ll be on, and when and where they will occur.

And thanks for caring enough to ask!



8 Responses to Where in the World is Robin Hobb?

  1. Well, I dont see in your immediate plans to travel to the far far away Kalamata, Greece, but I guess this is the first seed.

    Now you got to think about it (and even though you have only heard of “Kalamata olives”, you now are not sure… maybe you have heard of Kalamata, Greece as well).

    Now the idea of singing books in Kalamata, Greece is in your mind, and you will think about it once in a while. And you will then need to come… (I am trying the best I can here)….

    (Two fans from Kalamata, Greece)

  2. The problem is, the schedule is frequently updated. I’m afraid if I posted it every time it updated, it might soon appear that all my posts were schedule changes!

    But I do think that’s a good idea to do once a month.

  3. Hi, Robin!

    This is unrelated to the post, but I’m not quite sure where to ask, so I’m just doing it here:

    I read the Farseer trilogy and loved it, but I have a problem with sex in books. I believe it to be something private and special that is best kept between lovers. Do all of your books have sexual content? I’d really like to read more of your work but hesitate because of this!

  4. Sex scenes in books. That’s a question that comes up when writers are talking, as well as between readers and writers.

    Every scene in a book, actually, every sentence in a book, should be there for a reason. It should advance the plot, illuminate the setting, or give you a deeper understanding of the character. A really good sentence can do all three. And In My Opinion, if a scene is doing none of the above, it should be cut.

    Sometimes it really is enough to say, “They ate a meal.” At other times, to say, “Their meal consisted of weevil-studded hardtack and water that tasted mossy,” carries the reader right into the story. Or if I go on about a special cake studded with almonds and rich with fruit imported from plantations six weeks to the south, I’m telling you about my world and it’s resources and the wealth of the cake eater.

    The same is true about sex scenes. Or torture scenes. Or violent battles. I promise you that I don’t write books where there is a sex scene every fifteen pages. But when that scene is significant and important to the tale, then, yes, I’m going to write it, and there may be details that, again, advance the plot, the setting or tell you about the characters.

    So, sometimes it is enough to say, “They spent the night in each other’s arms.” At other time, the reader may need to know more than that. And sometimes, a reader or a writer may feel uncomfortable delving into that detail. So to be very honest, yes, you will encounter sex scenes in many of my books. Some will drop a lace curtain over the couple, and others may have the reader as part of that embrace. This is a good thing for readers to be aware of, particularly if they are offering the book to a younger reader. I do not specifically write for YA, though I am aware that many Young Adults do read my books.

    Thanks for an interesting question.