The Inheritance (in Hardcover!)

I will be doing personalized signings of The Inheritance for my friend Shawn Speakman. Shawn operates The Signed Page, a wonderful site for bibiliophiles who long to possess autographed first editions. 

I’ve blogged here before about the beautiful Subterranean Press edition of The Inheritance, with interior art by Tom Kidd.  In an extremely generous gesture, Subterranean Press donated one hunded copies of The Inheritance to Shawn to help defray his medical expenses.  So by going through Shawn’s site, you will have a chance to own a copy of the book with a personalized signature as well has helping Shawn’s financial picture. 

While you are on The Signed Page site, check out the other autograph opportunities there, including Brian Herbert signing Sisterhood of Dune!

4 Responses to The Inheritance (in Hardcover!)

  1. This is such an awesome opportunity! I never heard of this site before, but it’s great to get signed books and help someone out!

  2. So I take it the book will arrive soon :)?!
    It has been so long since I ordered it from SubPress and I’m super excited!

    Will be both amazing and frightening to get this this copy since I’m sure I’ll be scared of damaging the book when reading it… but yet amazing since I’ve not read the stories before.

    Now that City of Dragon also looks very tempting as well.. What version of cover is that? I have the first two Rain Wilds in UK HarperCollins (Voyager) hardcover where the front of the dust cover has the rainbow-colour shimmer and illustration by Jackie Morris. Also the actual hardcover of the book is in the same colour that the dragon on front, which is nice.
    Will this edition be in the same style? I will definitely get one if it is, however, even if it’s not it may just be too tempting to pass.

    Anyway, great gesture by SubPress!

  3. I’ll be driving up to Shawn’s to make any special dedications requested on the books. Then they’ll ship out. Shawn is usually pretty fast in getting them out there.

    I’m not sure which cover of City of Dragons you are looking at. I think the US has decided to have the Jackie Morris covers as well, though that may not be set in stone just yet.

    Best wishes, and thanks!